LPN is 3!

Our sweet boy turns 3 today! Where do I even begin? Baby Luke (his favorite nickname among family and friends) is no longer a baby. I swear there are days when he comes bounding down the stairs and I think he is off to High School. 

Birth Day 1/10/2013
 He loves basketball, hockey and football. 
He love backhoes, tractors and fire trucks.
His favorite book is "Daniel Tiger - Christmas". 
His favorite show is hands down Daniel Tiger. 
He didn't really start watching TV until 3 months ago, and we can thank the YouTube channel, Blippi, for that. 
He sleeps with no less than 10 stuffed animals, Ty (or Thomas) the teddy bear is his favorite. He is a wonderful sleeper, who can get quite cranky if he does not get his 15 hours of sleep a day. 
He basically potty trained himself a few weeks ago, with a little persuasion from his Daddy and his Nonnie. 
He was never a big snuggler until the last deployment, when he became the best snuggler! His favorite saying is, "Holy Moly," thanks to his Aunt RaRa. 
He can be shy, bashful and a bit slow to be the class clown but once he opens up he loves to make people laugh. 
My heart melts every time he says, "Thank you Mommy," and the best compliment you can give me is that he is a polite little boy.  
On any given day he asks WHYYYY  at least 45 times, sometimes he gets an answer sometimes he doesn't!
He loves to help Mommy clean and his face lights up when Daddy gets home from work.
He is an avid traveler, over 25 flights and counting!
His favorite food is Broccoli (no seriously, I just asked him). I would say he also really loves chicken nuggets, but the kid knows what he wants. 

1st Birthday! - Color theme 

2nd Birthday - Sports Theme 
Luke was the perfect addition to our family, and we are so very thankful that God decided to bring him to us. His love and passion for life make every day an adventure, and I can't imagine having any other job than being his mommy. I never saw myself as a SAHM, but now I am so very thankful that we made that decision. Going down to one income was a huge decision for us, and one that we did not take lightly, we knew we would have to make sacrifices. Of course we have our not so great days and yes, there are certain things about the professional life that I miss, but ultimately this was the best decision for our family. Life is good, God is good and we are making sure to cherish every day. 

Every other year we celebrate Christmas with my family at our house, and this year was a year that we stayed in AZ. Back in 2013, I threw Luke's 1st birthday in December while everyone was at the house, so I thought it would be fun to throw a small 3rd birthday party for Luke this year.  His birthday theme was a no brainer, the kid is obsessed with all things construction, so we went with it.

My birthday is right around Halloween, so when I was growing up my mom always made a theme cake for me. Whether she would do a ghost cake or a graveyard cake, it was always so special to me. So, this year I tackled a construction cake. I must say it was very tasty and the look on Luke's face was SO worth it. 

 It was so much fun to see him play with his friends and with his cousins. Such a special treat for him. He was slightly confused why we celebrated his birthday for 2 weeks, but hey you're only a kid once!

We have always visited The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum on Luke's actual birthday. This year we continued the tradition and even captured a similar moment. 

Happy birthday, Luke! 
May you always look at the world through a smile. We love you!!!

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