Blogging Ben the Bachelor - Week 2

After playing paper, rocks, scissors with my husband for who was going to get the TV, I settled in for a night of The Bachelor. Going into the second night, I had some high expectations. Who would be the first to cry? Who would be the first to over share? My Granny was highly unimpressed with the "girl who walked in with the rose on her head," and her pick from last week was Lauren B. Watching The Bachelor goes hand in hand with drinking a bottle of wine, but last night was a La Croix night for me. I am STILL sick and trying to get over this gross cold that everyone seems to have. Sigh, oh well, I will chill the bottle for next week. 

Pre-show Favorites:
Lauren B.

1-30 minutes: 

Any episode that starts with mimosas, is my kind of episode. First date card was a mix of girls, including drunk Lace and rose on the head Mandi. Lace tries to say that she wants to make up for the first night since she got a little drunk and emotional, which is not like her (lies). The girls pull up to Bachelor High. Ben admits he loves high school, which is a huge red flag for me. Who honestly likes high school? I know some of you are thinking, "I did." No you didn't, you just miss being 16 with no responsibilities. I am not surprised that Lace did not get her volcano to erupt. I am pretty sure if you don't know where Ben's home state is located on a map, you are not going to be in his top 3. 

So, Jennifer got a kiss, I was a bit surprised by it and I think she was too. Huge mistake #1 don't kiss and tell. She must not watch this show. Lace continues on Mission: Kiss Ben. This relationship is doomed from the beginning. Throughout the life of a relationship (that starts on TV) there will be many times you will have to apologize the next morning for being a drunken fool, and she had to apologize after the first night. Walk away, Ben. 

31-60 minutes:

Mission: Kiss Ben continues. Jubilee gets a kiss, she is growing on me, and major points for not kissing and telling. I hope there was someone somewhere taking a shot every time Lace said crazy, I am sure said person would have had an amazing night. Still no kiss for Lace, being interrupted seems to be her theme of the night. Jojo gets a romantic kiss on top of the building and the date rose, woo hoo for being one of my favorites! 

Caila is an Ohio girl, so she immediately gets some points with mid-west Ben. She has the first 1:1, which definitely carries some bragging rights.
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart enter the house, everyone is super excited and Ben at least knows who they are. This date is very confusing to Ben, and slightly awkward with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in the backseat. I honestly was at a loss of words the entire date, do they have a movie coming out soon? It must have been a marketing ploy, please tell me it was. Confirmed - first commercial after they exited the show was for their new movie, Ride Along 2. 

Dinner conversation was deep and she of course got a rose! Does anyone else think that a private concert would be completely awkward. Slow dancing, in general, is awkward so I just don't get the romantic vibes from that type of date. For instance, who is Amos Lee, did she even know? The date in general was snooze alert, but she will be around for awhile.

61-90 minutes: 

Second group date commences. And more talking about kissing. Where's the girl that is going to wait to kiss Ben? There is usually one of those. Ben asked both of the twins to be at the date. I am sure he had to study all the girl's names before the date, so he could remember them and now he has two women that are identical!! He is asking to mess this up. They go to the Love Lab, which is so L.A. Ben smells all the girls to see which one loves him the most. Sam clearly loves chinese food more than Ben, can't say I blame her. Olivia was clearly the investigative journalist at her prior job. If Ben was attracted to any of these ladies, when they lined up in white spandex two pieces, I am sure his feelings have changed. 

Ben and Olivia are pretty much already announcing their wedding date. He seemed SO much different with her than with anyone else. We are officially 81 minutes in and no one has cried, I am feeling frustrated at this point, but remaining calm. Sam is really hoping that science is not on her side. I like Amanda, she is close to being on my favorites list. I am confident she will sneak into the top 6, after all Ben says that kids don't scare him. Ben gives the rose to Olivia, along with a target to put on her back. AND THERE THEY ARE, the first tears of the show, Amanda. 

91-120 minutes: 

Lace continues to use the word crazy and she starts talking in third person, which is crazy, so it is clear that she is there for annoying television. She begins to pour her heart out about how she was dorky growing up and she is interrupted again! I am beginning to feel like Ben paid the other woman to count to 100 when they see him walking away with her and than come in to save him. Ok, Ben is such a gentleman and I am completely swooning over the fact that he made a few of the girls feel special. Never change, Ben, we love you!!! Amber knows how this show works, GET OFF THE COUCH and talk to him. 

All too quickly, Chris Harrison announces that its time for the roses. Ben calls a few girls, including Lace, and gets to LB. She pulls him out and says she doesn't want to be there, kudos to her. Reality TV is not for the faint of heart. Amber gets a rose, which may have been LB's rose, so that would be embarrassing. Granny was on to something and apparently Ben was not fond of Mandi, either. He is a guy who believes in science and feels like the numbers spoke for him when it came to Sam. No huge surprises for me, Lace will be around for 1-2 more episodes, the ratings need her ya'll! 

Needless to say this season is turning out to be entertaining. Want to link up with Aubrey Zaruba, The Life of Mrs.Otts, The Single Life Unscripted and I? We would love for you to join us every week! After two nights, I can honestly say blogging about The Bachelor makes it much more fun to watch it live. 

If your Monday nights need some livening up, or if you are like my Granny and feel like there is nothing else on TV Monday night, make sure to tune into The Bachelor next week. Let me know who your favorite (or least favorite) is! 

Happy watching, 


  1. I thought I was going to like Olivia, but I definitely changed my mind. She's definitely going to be the villian and will probably be around for a long time.

    1. I am not giving up on her just yet. She sort of reminds me of Courtney from Ben Flajnik's season. Confident, sometimes overly confident. We will see, excited to see her in the upcoming weeks.

  2. I'm loving this season! Not a big fan of Lace or Olivia though - glad Becca is back!