A perfect Ben - night 1

Last night was exciting. I made my family a steak dinner, broke away early to get a shower, applied my face mask, poured a glass of wine and hunkered down for an epic night. Ryan was a super star and was in charge of the little until bed time. Throughout these posts you will see his input, it may offend some of you, it may make a lot of you laugh, but remember he is a good guy! I will also add in some outside commentary from my baby sis who watches the show, as well as my Granny who is an avid Bachelor fan. I may also have a few guest bloggers throughout the time, because well I have funny friends!

1 - 30 minutes

It is always somewhat painful to watch the first 30 minutes of the first show, it is cheesy and somewhat staged. Is that his parent's real house? Would he really remember his elementary school teacher's names? Who knows, but it builds the anticipation. Ben cried, we found out he was the school jock (not surprised), he admitted to being nervous and wanting to find the woman who would make him a better man. All swoon worthy and completely believable. 

Ben was visited by 3 previous Bachelors, who all gave solid advice. I was wondering why they didn't invite Juan Pablo, but hey that's the reason I am not a Hollywood producer. 

We met a few girls. One cried, we met the infamous twins (why, ABC, why) and we saw lots of beach running. 

31 - 60 minutes

 I once read that they spray the driveway with hose water throughout the night. Which is absolutely crazy, but hey once again not a producer here.
Photo Cred:: Instagram @chrisbharrison
Honestly, what would you say getting out of the limo? I want real answers here, because I have no idea. I wasn't a fan of the jumping in the arms or the first kiss stunt. I loved Jennifer's nervousness. Admitting that you have stalked Ben through social media is somewhat swimfan worthy, but at least she can admit it. Nobody should pretend they like football until you are married, 45+ years of that is more than enough, trust. Why didn't the twins dress the same? The mini horse was interesting, but hey she is a cowgirl. Love the onesie! I have heard this first night of taping is HOURS long, why not be comfortable?  

How does he remember these ladies? Ryan literally looked over at one point and laughed at my note taking.

61-90 minutes

Remember, he is an only child. This explains the call to the parents.
He walks and says, " Now, the fun begins.." Mandi has her game face on and immediately pulls him away. She proceeds to give him a dental exam. There are no words for this. Olivia had my first impression rose vote, as well. Are twins supposed to admit to thinking that every man has a fantasy to date them both? Do men have that fantasy? My husband was still on bedtime duties, so I couldn't ask him. 

And another limo pulls up. Oh, the suspense. Confession, I don't know Amber or Becca well. Chris's season was not my favorite, so I don't think I invested too much time in it. The Bachelor family is little and I do feel like it is an unfair advantage to have previous contestants on the show, but once again no producer here. Amber has been on The Bachelor in Paradise, so makes me think she she just likes the perk of dating a man that is being funded by ABC. 
Lace - ABC.com 
Someone has to be drunk. Lace was that person last night. She quizzes him on her peck, this is bizarre but not to the drunk mind. I love that she slow talks when she is drunk, Chardonnay is not her friend. Remember, this show is edited (heavily) so don't hate her just yet. 

Olivia - ABC.com
Welcome the first impression rose. I called it above, Olivia. She was my first pick for the first impression rose. The world needs more news anchors, am I right? Remember, Sean got the first impression rose last season with Kaitlin. Any predictions? 

91-120 minutes 

The first rose ceremony is always a little funny to me, because you have not seen half of the woman. I don't hate Mandi, honestly. Breanne must not have gotten the memo that Ben was only 25, you don't want to assume that baggage girlfriend. Of course, Lace got a rose. Do you think he immediately regretted picking her when she pulled him away to complain that he didn't look at her during the rose ceremony? Afterwards he was like, "no amount of money can make me keep her next week, producer!!" In all seriousness, I think he has a good mix of girls and it should be an interesting season, filled with lots of tears (from Ben and from the girls). Love is truly in the air.

I am doing a link up with two great bloggers throughout this season. So make sure you check out Aubrey Zaruba and The Life of Mrs. Otts for their opinion on last night's episode. If you think blogging about The Bachelor looks fun, join us for the link up, we would love to have you!

  The only complaint I will make about The Bachelor is that sometimes I feel like it puts woman against woman. It is breeding ground for drama, and I get that it would be extremely hard to come in and be the woman who is the nice one or the one who didn't roll her eyes. But, isn't that what we should all strive for? Healthy competition is amazing, embrace it and love one another. Rant over!

Join me next week for my early predictions and a recap of the episode. 
Happy watching and let me know your favorite part of the opening night!

Happy watching, 


  1. I need to watch last night's episode still, but it sounds like it was good. (I'm not weird about reading about it before I watch it...) Do you link up with Aubrey Zaruba's Blogging the Bach?? You should! I think she's looking for co-hosts this season for her linkup :) Her blog is just aubreyzaruba.com :)

    1. Yes, I am a part of that link up!! Too funny, thank you for reading!

  2. i agree with basically everything. i have heard the they spray the driveway and also that the first night really takes until the next morning. i would probably die.

    1. I have no idea why they drink through the night. I would need an IV of coffee to stay awake and alert that long, lol!