Blogging Ben the Bachelor - Week 3

 These first few weeks are always somewhat mundane to me. How does the bachelor remember all of these names? I find myself checking my master list many times throughout the show, just to make sure I am referring to the right blonde. After spending the week scrolling through endless amounts of pictures and memes of Olivia's mouth, I was ready to sit on the couch and watch some good ol' fashion reality  TV. 

Minutes 1-30

Lauren B. is picked for the first 1:1 date, "shut the front door!" She is in my top 3 and definitely somebody that I see going far. The sky is the limit for this date, and somehow Lauren acts surprised when they pull up to the airport? There is nothing more annoying to me than girls who play the, "I'm scared" card. You are a freaking flight attendant, get in the plane and get him to hug you and comfort you another way. I love that they fly over the Bachelor Mansion, and all the girls are out drinking and lounging by the pool. I mean, sign me up, seriously. Ben obviously has a thing for hot tubs, will there be one in every date? The generator added a nice romantic humming throughout the date. 

First tears are Caila, and happen much quicker than last week, a whole 16 minutes into the show. What? 25 girls don't date the same man in Hudson, OH? Weird! She had the first 1:1, so I get why she is attached, but it was the most boring date in history.

The romantic date continues for Lauren B. and Ben when they get an entire house to themselves. Ben continues to make all of America swoon when he starts talking about his parents, seriously this guys is the perfect ten. Of course, he hands over the rose and whisks her away to a private concert.

Minutes 31-60

The group date starts, as well as the Lulemon ad, as they pull up to some soccer stadium. None of these girls should quit their day job, and pretty sure no one "handles balls" very well. Jubilee is back at the house crying about not being Ben's type, and being upset about missing out on the group date. Back on the field Chris Harrison comes out and announces a friendly competition between the girls. Whichever team wins gets to join Ben for the rest of the date. For some reason I have a feeling a lot of these girls will all of a sudden know how to play soccer. 

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Who is Jami? I honestly don't remember her, hold on referring to my master list.

Amber scores the winning goal for the Stripes. Of course the Stars are unhappy they lost and now have to return to the mansion. I say look at as glass half full and go have your own cocktail party, but that's me! Meanwhile, Jubilee is quite literally full of jubilee when she gets picked for the next 1:1 date.

Olivia once again gets all the girls upset with her and takes Ben upstairs for a hotel rendezvous. She knows what she wants, is slightly aggressive and all the girls want to be her. Don't hate because she knows when to steal Ben. Jami (mystery girl) tells Olivia that the girls are talking about her behind her back. This earns mystery girl major points and earns Olivia major points because she knows her toes are ugly and seems to be completely OK with it. Amber finally decides to speak and takes Ben away to explain why she now knows what she wants, and is hopeful for this season. Amber gets the group date rose, slightly confused by this one, but hey it's only the third show. 

Minutes 61-90

Jubilee does not handle first date jitters well, which in turn pisses everyone off.  A helicopter flies in and of course, she is afraid of heights. Honestly, the only thing that would scare me on this show is if the date involved me being in a pit of snakes. I just don't get the "i'm scared" card. They fly into a health spa and try some cavier. We immediately know why she doesn't like it since her favorite food is hot dogs. 

There is another hot tub in this date, seriously. Jubilee started to grow on me throughout the date. I don't see him picking her, but I do think he is genuinely interested in her and likes to be around her. She says she can see herself doing "simple, everyday stuff " with Ben after this date. Because apparently the nicest health spa in LA, that has a landing pad in the front yard, is doing simple stuff to Jubilee. 

Cue the swooning because Ben makes sure that Jubilee knows how special she is throughout the entire dinner conversation. He hands her the rose and they proceed to have a nice dinner make-out sesh. 

All the girls wake up and they can not believe that Jubilee is still in the house. He is so not the girl that Ben wants to be with, right? STOP right now, Lauren H. He wants a wife that will get along with all of the other soccer moms? She is immediately on my shit list. Because getting along with other girls and looking good in the carpool line is what every man wants out of their poster wife, right? Yuck.

Minutes 91-120

Olivia admits she hates her legs and continues to cry about her cankles. Ben is upset about the fact that this is what she wants to talk about. I get it, cankles can be upsetting. Jubilee stays to herself throughout the night until she starts giving Ben a massage. Which, surprisingly, is exactly what Ben wants. Ok, here is the issue. Lace was not super crazy this week so the producers were at a loss of what to do. They thought to themselves, "let's put a massage table in the mansion and see who is the first to take the bait!" Insert immediate cat fights.

Ok, I don't have much to say about the whole Amber and Jubilee situation. Shame on those girls for being so petty towards Jubilee, but I do think that Ben wants his rose back from Amber. I knew we couldn't go the whole night without crazy Lace, so she gives us a good dosage of it and lets Ben know how she feels. She then references her life changing tattoo and offers to go home. Goodbye, Lace, you will be missed. 

Cue the rose ceremony. 

In order of roses -

Lauren H. 
Jennifer (referring to master list, because no idea on this one)

No rose for Shushanna and Jami.

This season is filled with younger girls, which to me completely explains why there is so much focus on each other. They are emotional train wrecks who might have just graduated from high school yesterday. I think there are 3-4 women who will continue to stay out of the drama and make it far in the season. Next week I am looking forward to seeing more of Olivia's cankles, Becca's 1:1 and enjoying the Las Vegas strip via The Bachelor. 

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  1. Wow, I love it! I forgot about the bachelor; I had wanted to watch it this season. I haven't watched it regularly since bachelor Bob! This was a great way for me to sort of catch up. Thanks!

    1. It is the same as it was years ago, trust me! Now we get to read all the live tweets and next day blogsposts, thought =)! Watch and let me know what you think!

  2. we filled out our brackets last night, and everyone kept having to look up girls on the website. there are still a few that i have no idea who they were. what are your thoughts on jubilee? she's not my fave, but he seems to like her or is at least very intrigued by her.

    1. I like Jubilee! I don't see her ending up with Ben, but I like him with her. She was right about him not really laughing, I thought that was sweet when she made those comments about loving to make him "real life"!

  3. Oh my goodness the mess with Jubilee was quite ridiculous. I like Jubilee a lot and I can possibly see her in the final 3 or 4.. But not with Ben. I will agree though I like him with her. Olivia... man on man she is getting on my last good nerve.. I thought I liked her.. but now her ugly is sticking through the cracks.

    1. Olivia is entertaining for sure! And yes I love Ben with Jubilee and good for him for keeping someone who is not someone he would typically be interested in!

  4. Love your summaries! We too have had enough of watching Olivia's mouth!

    1. Thank you! It adds a fun element to live watching the bachelor!!

  5. The whole cankle thing right after the death speech was CRAZY. I couldn't believe the audacity! I was sitting there like "please let this be one big editor's joke..."

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Who doesn't love a goods cankle, right? The worst was that there were multiple shots after that convo where I swear the camera guy was focusing on her legs, craziness!!!