My LAST Bump Update, Hopefully!

I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. Officially, the longest I have ever been pregnant. With Luke I had a relatively easy time since I delivered him at 39 weeks and 1 day. No crazy lead up contractions, a few signs that labor may be close, but mainly I waltzed into the hospital 7cm dilated to nurses that assured me the pain was coming. And came it did. 

Keep Calm and Waddle On

Call me crazy but I am completely enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy. Sure, I am super uncomfortable 98% of the time and sure I am popping Zantac like there is no tomorrow, but I am soaking up these past few weeks. We are doing activities one on one with Luke, like decorating our ginger bread city together and playing as much hockey as we possibly can. I know those moments will change slightly when we welcome another child, so for now I am just enjoying being present.

I am not one of those woman who love being pregnant, actually I am quite the opposite. But, as my mom told me the other day, "it's easier with her in than out, enjoy your last few weeks." She could not be more right. The first few months of having an infant is a beautiful and loving time, but it is also filled with little to no sleep and a body that is trying to put itself back together again while nourishing another human being. I will be tired, I will be irritable and there will be times that I don't want to take the five minutes it takes to sit and read to Luke. So for now, I am taking that time and I am writing little snippets to myself to remind me how important it will be to sit down with Luke after the baby comes. I am telling him to always come in and ask me to read to him, even if it seems like mommy is tired.

Another reason that I am enjoying these last few weeks is because I will not experience this again. We are done. Period. No more pregnancies and no more babies. We are so content with two and there has never been a question about whether or not we wanted more than two. We are currently drawing straws to see which one of us is going to get "fixed", and I am secretly hoping he gets the shorter straw! Some people don't know if they are done and some know for sure they want more, but for us we know that two is enough and will be a happy family of four.

In all fairness of course there are mornings that I wake up and groan as I roll out of bed to start another day with pelvic pain, an absurd inability to lay on my back and lack of wine, but then I have a moment of deep breathing and some motivational self talk and I am back on the happy train. Maybe tonight's the night, or maybe Monday morning is the time, but until then give me all the kicks and all the little uninterrupted moments with Luke because I am sure I will miss them soon.  

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