Blogging Ben the Bachelor - Week 7

Another Monday, another bottle of Chardonnay. My life has been CRAZY lately. I am not going to lie, up until roughly 4 hours before Monday night started, I thought the special was tonight and not on Valentine's Day. So, I was thinking I would have a relaxing night on the couch, but was reminded that I would instead be drinking wine and blogging the Bachelor. So, here I am. Don't disappoint me, Ben!

1-30 minutes:

Ben and the girls are in Warsaw, Indiana, which is Ben's hometown! They sit down at a cute little diner and Ben explains all of the girls to his parents. Meanwhile, the girls arrive in the town and look absolutely smitten with Warsaw. Ben pulls up in a pontoon boat, which is so Midwestern I am cringing. Speed Boats? No! If you grew up in the Midwest you grew up driving a pontoon boat on a lake or a man made river. 
For those of you who have no idea where Warsaw is (or what Indiana looks like), I have attached a map for you!

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Lauren B. is picked for the first date and is given 30 minutes to get ready for the day. They start the day off by driving around the town. Lauren looks downright terrified. She is thinking that this town is straight out of a movie, and it is not impressing her. Where is she from again? Ben would work at a Youth Club growing up, I mean could he get any more picture book fairy tale? Good lord! The half court King, Ronnie, makes the shot which means that Ben has to kiss Lauren in front of 30 little kids. Some of the players from the Indiana Pacers show up, and of course the kids are ecstatic. 

Lauren wants to chat with Ben about the comments made at the last group date. Ben reassures her that one thing being said is not going to change the way he feels about her. I still believe that she is going to be in the top two. Ben wears his heart on the sleeve with her, and though she is a bit harder to read, I think it is way mutual. And hey flight attendants can fly out of anywhere, right?! Ben takes Lauren to his local dive bar. Hello! Most perfect date, ever. Good thing my husband and I are from the same home town, so we get to gobble up Coach's pizza and people watch at our favorite dive bar every time we come home!

31-60 minutes:

Jojo heads to Chicago to meet Ben for a 1:1. They head to Wrigley Field, where the Cubs play, and of course the jumbo screen has a message for Jojo and Ben. Joj (as Ben calls her) has grown on me and I like Ben when he is with her. She also seems to genuinely have a good time when she is with him. 

Most of this date is spent back at the house filming the other girls complaining about being in love with a man that 5 other ladies are in love with. You would think the house being wired with microphones and cameras, would remind them that they are in fact on a reality show but I guess not. I guess when you get rid of Olivia and Lace it leaves really boring and uneventful T.V....

They have dinner on the field, hello dream world, and she reassures him that she is ready to give herself to Ben and she feels herself falling in love with Ben. She does seem to be moving a bit slower than the other girls, which is odd, but she is being true to herself I suppose!

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61-90 minutes:

The group date heads to a farm in Indiana, don't act surprised! He gets in a rowboat with Caila at the beginning of the date, and of course Becca and Amanda are not too thrilled with that decision. All of the girls seem to be over the group dates, making this date even more awkward than watching Amanda run in heels. Ben announces that whoever he gives the rose to will stay on the date, and the other two will head back to the house. Becca feels like she is being left behind and is not really sure why she is there. You would think after two attempts you would have the concept down, but guess not. 

I love how honest Caila is during her time with Ben. I love that she explains herself as moldable, but for some reason I do not think Ben is finding that super assuring. Ben decides to give Amanda the rose, since he feels she needs to feel confident in order for him to come back and meet her family. Becca and Caila are left at the farm, depressed and wishing they had the rose. Becca says she doesn't want to feel like this about a man she is falling in love with. Because being on the Bachelor means that you will be getting one on one attention 24/7 and there aren't 25 other girls trying to fall in love, just kidding!

Ben takes Amanda to McDonalds, yes you read that right! I am sure she has bought her fair share of kid's meals but I do not think she was expecting to serve them on live television!

Want fries with that?

They head to a carnival, have some fun on the merry go round and the carousel. It is a cute date, and obviously him giving her the only rose of the night (other than the rose ceremony) speaks volumes! So good for Amanda! 

91-120 minutes:

Ben and Emily head out on the pontoon, she proceeds to admit that she doesn't really know what a swan is. In her defense, out here in the desert we don't really have swans, so I kind of get it. Caila calls Emily a "bright eyed puppy", saying that to her everything is new and exciting. I could not agree more. Thank you, Caila. Sometimes when Emily is giving her interviews, I have to double check my guide and make sure I am not watching that one show about Hugh and his girlfriends. She admits to Ben's mom that her biggest dream is to be a NFL cheerleader, and that she wants to be married young. This poor girl, this editing is not helping America's view of her. 

Emily admitting that her dream is to be a NFL cheerleader!

I am sure Emily is a great person, and definitely looking forward to seeing her on the field, but she is about to be completely blindsided. Ben says goodbye to Emily due to the fact that she is not wife material. Love how humble and sincere she is in the limo, props to you, Emily!

Meanwhile, the rose ceremony gets under way! Ben is confused and seeks some good ol' fashion Bachelor advice from the main Bachelor himself, Chris!

Rose Ceremony:
Amanda has a rose from the group date.

Becca does not get a rose! 
She is upset, obviously and says that she didn't want to be blind sided. Ben says that he needed all the time he could get, which is why he waited until the rose ceremony.

Next week is hometowns and honestly, who doesn't think this is the best episode of the season? Make sure to check in with everyone else in the link-ups and get their feelings on last night's episode. 

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  1. I am so excited for next weeks episode! I was not a huge fan of Emily and I really liked Becca in the beginning but I am so glad he kept the girls he did - all my favs!

    1. Hometowns are always my favorite! I agree with the girls being my favorites! I am slightly surprised by Amanda, but I feel like she may not make it past hometowns!

  2. i am pretty sure you are right about lauren b. i don't know if she will be the final one though. they usually don't make it this obvious which makes me think it's not her. sorry i messed up your relaxing night, but i'm glad you decided to blog it.

    1. Hey you didn't ruin it, just made it more exciting!! I feel like this season has been predictable, so I guess that is why I am still going with Lauren !