Blogging Ben the Bachelor - HOMETOWN week!

It is here! I am so sorry for the late post this week. Monday was a WILD day for me, and honestly I needed an early bedtime, but here we are the week of hometown dates on the Bachelor. I love this week, because I love to see how crazy the Dad's think this show is and why they do not think you can find love on national television. I can only imagine what KB² would have thought if I would've gone on the Bachelor and made it to hometown week! 


Ben heads to Orange County to see Amanda and the kids. Can I just say this is going to be a disaster? I don't see Ben being super comfortable around children. I can not imagine not seeing my kids for a month and than having to do a homecoming with someone that has never even meet them. 

The beach proves to be the kid's happy place, and Ben is ridiculously cute with the girls. On the way home, there is crying and toddler chit chatting, and Ben describes the car ride as rough. Welcome to parenthood, Ben. It's rough. Amanda's dad says that Ben looks like a deer in headlights when they get back to the house. Amanda says that she is in love with Ben, and she can see him making a great husband and father to her kids. Honestly, this is what I was thinking was going to happen. Not too eventful. 


Ben heads to Portland! They visit the food trucks in Portland, be still my heart. They head to the whiskey library, my husband immediately wants to visit Portland after seeing that venue. On a side note has anyone seen that Subaru commercial with the dogs in the car, I love that commercial! Ok, back to Portland. 

Ben meets Lauren's family. That dinner looks AMAZING, and Ben is pulled away from it by Lolo's sister. The guy can't catch a break. She announces her skepticisn and asks Ben what stands out about Lauren. I love that question, but instead of answering it, Ben starts to cry. My husband said, "Dude, he can cry on demand?" Always nice to have a guy's point of view bring you down to earth from swooning over an emotional guy. 

Lauren's sister makes Lauren cry and it is obvious that Lolo's sister may be on a future Bachelor. 
Lauren ends up not telling Ben she loves him, which is bizarre. 


Ben heads to OH-IO ! Caila admitted that she doesn't really have a home since she moved a lot growing up, but Hudson was the first place she felt at home. They head to the toy company that Caila's dad runs, just a small company called Step2 (kidding, it is a large company), and they design their very own playhouse. What a cute idea! Caila is really growing on me, and hey the fact that their kids would have all the Step2 toys that their heart desires, doesn't hurt! 

Caila's family is super cute and super honest with Ben. I love Caila's dad, he is so sweet to her and I love that he trusts his daughter when she says she is in love. Caila calls her parents, Mommy and Daddy, which is slightly uncomfortable. And she decides to not tell him that she loves him, either. No wonder Ben is getting frustrated with this process. I feel like these girls are definately not making it easy on him! 


Lastly we head to Dallas, TX to see JoJo's hometown. She starts reading a letter, all smiley and happy, and realizes that the letter is from her EX. This is classic and I love it. Finally, some drama that is much needed in this season. Listen girls, out of sight out of mind will make them all come back.  Jojo decides to call her EX, and let him know that he succeeded in getting his five minutes of fame. Back to the Bachelor, Ben arrives at Jojo's house. Ben gets the jealous look, which suits him I must say. 

I don't think I have ever brought a bottle of wine to my parent's? Typically, their stock is pretty good by the time I show up! Do we think that is from her or from Ben? This is a Texas house, ya'll! Her dad pretty much says that their is no where else to live besides Texas, and Ben seems to disagree. Obviously, her brothers don't watch this show and may not even know that he has 3 other ladies involved. Maybe her mom and dad too, they all seem confused and want answers that he can't give. Did anyone notice Jojo's mom? A lady after my own heart..

Is Jojo's older brother a TV pastor? I am sure they are coming from a somewhat genuine place, but lord have mercy give Ben a break! There is always one hometown that goes completely crazy. Let me be the first to remind everyone, you marry the family too, so make sure you love them just as much!

Rose Ceremony:


Amanda does not receive a rose. She is classy up until the end, good for her! 
We are almost to the final rose, ya'll! I can't even believe it! Make sure to check the linkup to get their opinions on last night's episode!

Happy watching, 


  1. Ha! Ha! This is so hilarious! And, you are right you do marry the family, so be wise about it, lol! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i was laughing I wish I can take a road trip and check these places out never been

  3. I haven't been very excited about the whole season. Are they speeding things up because Ben is so boring? I had high hopes for him, but he's just not doing it for me. I can't believe that Amanda went that long without seeing her kids.

    1. I completely agree! This season has been pretty boring, but I do like Ben a lot and be has been a "good" Bachelor! It is hard to believe someone would leave their kids to be on the show, but hey I have never been in that position, so who knows?