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This morning my phone rang, and when I picked it up my Granny very loudly told me that Ben is making out with too many people and she is sick of not seeing the cities they are traveling to. Part of me agrees with her and part of me thinks this is a good season. I for one, am super excited to see Ben standing on the edge of a cliff, with the wind whipping him around, in a great suit and him doing a swan dive into the ocean. A girl can hope, right? So I am watching tonight and will recap as I have this whole season!

Let me be the first to say that I do not think Ben will send Olivia home, I think he is too nice to take back a rose.  I also think that once again girls are shooting themselves in the foot, but bringing this to his attention, but hey these girls don't seem to learn from past seasons. 

And now the drama continues ....

1-30 minutes 
All of the girls think Olivia is going home. Ben pulls her away and she explains herself. She walks back into the room and the ladies, mainly the twin, are not happy. As I said, I am not surprised. 

Rose Ceremony


No rose:

Ben announces that they are headed to a lot of sun and beach, the Bahamas!! Bring on the bikinis, baby! Chris announced that the dreaded 2:1 date is happening this week. Do we think that Chris just hangs out in the Bahamas for the week? If so, I want his job. The first date card is for Caila, and it reads, "Let's see if our love is reel!" Leah (once again checking my master list, because I still don't know who she is) is upset and doesn't know why she is here, since Caila has already had a 1:1 date and she has not. Listen, he knows who likes, it is not his fault. 

Ben comes in to pick up Caila and if looks and actions could kill, Leah would kill him with her attitude. She is NOT happy. Ben tells Caila that they are going deep sea fishing, super romantic in my opinion (completely kidding). 

The show continues to go back to Leah's interview and her being upset and not wanting to go on a group date or the 2:1 date. I get it to some extent. You give up your life to go on this show and then you don't get attention from the guy who is the reason you are there. But, what did they think they signed up for. Enjoy the Bahamas, have a mimosa and be happy you are there. 

31-60 minutes:

Ben says that Caila is always smiley and he isn't sure how she is feeling at times. Caila admits that her greatest fear is that she is worried she will break Ben's heart. 

During all of this we find out that the twin and Olivia are going on the 2:1 date. YES! This will be epic, if it happens, I see something stopping from this epic showdown happening, but we will see. Olivia says, "Emily is young, she's like a bird!" How can you not semi like Olivia after that comment? 

Back to Ben being confused with how Caila is feeling. I didn't love Caila at first, but I do think she is a smart and sincere person. And hey they can start a software sales company together, so that's an added bonus. Caila gets the rose! 

The group date starts and Ben says he just wants to have fun. His idea of his fun is swimming with pigs. Yes, you read that right! The idea is to feed and swim with wild pigs in the Bahamas. "This is like a bar in Dallas, there are pigs everywhere!" Apparently, Pig Beach, is a real thing in the Bahamas. Who needs dolphins, when you have pigs? 

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 All the girls are acting uncomfortable and Ben doesn't know why it is happening. Men! How can you date 6 women and keep them happy, when it is near impossible to date one female and keep her happy? Leah confronts Ben about not being chosen for the 1:1, and he seems genuinely disinterested in the fact that she is upset. He seems upset that she isn't trying to make the best of this date and this moment.

61-90 minutes:

Ben is going to get it handed to him tonight. He walks in and says he doesn't want to leave anything out on the table. He admits he could have done better at taking ladies away from the situation. This is the first time this season that I don't feel like Ben is being sincere. I think he is completely leading some of these ladies on. I must admit, I agree with my Granny on this point, stop making out with everyone and decide if you like them or not!! 

Leah pulls Ben away, and she has mistake written all over her forehead. If you ever find yourself on the Bachelor, don't talk about him with other people and for gosh sake do not throw his favorite lady under the bus. Stick to you and you alone, do not think that you bringing up the other girls will help you stick around. It wont. Lauren B. uses her spidey senses and interrupts Leah talking with Ben. On a side note, I wonder how Ben feels about all the girl's frizzy Bahama's hair? He is thinking they may need better extensions, he knows just the place. 

Leah, Leah, Leah. I am so thankful, I had no idea who you were throughout this season. Ben gives the rose to Amanda. Back at the house all of the girls talk about what happened on the group date, while Leah heads to Ben's room. Ya, I don't see this unfolding anything like Kaitlyn and Nick's romantic tryst, but hey I have been wrong before. 

Ben's face throughout Leah's speech...

Goodbye, Leah!

91-120 minutes:

The 2:1 date starts, Olivia is confident and Emily is spending her time talking about how he hopes Ben will see the real Olivia. First of all, it is windy, I feel like they shouldn't be on a boat. Olivia and Ben are talking about last week and how she is strong, confident and intimidating. And she finally tells him something that she has been telling America since day 1, she is in love with him! 

Emily and Ben start talking and surprisingly she leaves Olivia out of it. There is absolutely no kiss during this chat, and let's be real Ben almost made out with the pigs on the group date. He likes to spread his love. On another note, I am sure this is a hurricane and they should have moved this party inside. Emily forgot her scrunchie back at her mom's house. Ben proceeds to fix her hair, he has a thing for hair.

Ben grabs the rose and takes Olivia on a walk. He ends up saying that he can't give her the rose because he is not feeling the same way as she is. Good for him for being honest, but I so do not agree with him taking the rose to tell her this. Not a cool move, Ben. He apparently was not creeped out by Emily's lack of having any sort of grownup item in her bedroom and ended up giving her the rose. 

Ben decides he doesn't have it in him to hold a cocktail party, so he goes straight to the rose ceremony. Spoiler, he does not swan dive into the ocean. 

The 2nd Rose Ceremony:
Caila, Amanda and Emily have roses already.

Lauren B.

No rose:
Lauren H.
There is no carpool pickup line in her future, I'm afraid!

Ok, this season is intense!! Two rose ceremonies in one night is a lot to take in, and no wonder Ben was spent. Whew. I am surprised with his choice to keep Emily around, and I am not reading too much into the spoiler of her saying that she can't believe she gets to meet his parents. Maybe they do that earlier this season? I just don't see her being in the top two. 

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Next week is a special show, and someone gets married! Kaitlyn and Shawn would be way too obvious, but honestly I do not have any guesses. What about ya'll? Who do you think will be tying the knot on live television? 

Happy watching, 

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  1. I can't keep up with all the drama most of the time.

  2. I'm wondering who the wedding is as well. Also, did you see the crazy part with Ben on the phone? Is he going to take back his final choice. Crazy. The producers always make it seems so dramatic too, so I'm also not looking too far into it.

  3. i went to the bahamas several years ago and i did not hear a thing about swimming with pigs-not that i want to do that. i would have been screaming like all the other girls on the date.