hard boiled egg lunches

My family easily goes through 2 dozen eggs a week! We LOVE eggs. I typically have 2 eggs for breakfast and 2 hard boiled eggs throughout the day. Ryan and Luke both love them too, so we are constantly buying lots and lots of eggs and finding new ways to eat them.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite hard boiled egg recipes. If you missed it last week, make sure you check out my super easy and fool proof guide to hard boiling the perfect egg

First up is avocado egg salad. Growing up, we didn't eat many avocados. Honestly, I don't think many people who lived east of the Mississippi did, it just wasn't on our radar yet. But now I am obsessed and eat many, many avocados a week. When I worked full time, I was near this cute little deli and would meet Ryan there for dinner often. They had a version of this and I immediately fell in love.  I like to mix up the avocado egg salad and put it on a whole grain english muffin or toast, along with some berries and I have the perfect lunch. 

2 hard boiled eggs 
(I do not typically use the yolk, but this is up to you)
Dash of Mayonnaise
Dash of Pepper
1 whole avocado, mashed
A few squeezes of lime and lemon 

Peel and chop the eggs. Mix all of the ingredients together. You will want to use most of it, since the avocados will brown. I sometimes will leave some for an afternoon snack or late night snack. 

Lately, I have been on a Black Bean Burger kick for lunch. I love meat, but it is nice to have something different occasionally. 

I pop them in the convection oven for 10 minutes and it gives them a nice crispy taste. I love topping mine with just about everything, but hard boiled eggs and avocado make the perfect topping. 

It is protein loaded and keeps me satisfied until dinner!

What is your favorite way to enjoy hard boiled eggs? If you have tried my hard boiled egg method, make sure to let me know!

Happy eating, 

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  1. This sounds soooo yummy! I've never made egg salad with avocados before! (Or heard of it) But it makes perfect sense now that I'm hearing about it. Must try!!

    1. It completely changes the taste, try it and let me know!!! Thanks for reading :)!

  2. The egg salad sounds amazing! I love hard boiled eggs, but I've never tried them with avocados. Sounds like I need to make a trip to the store! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes! You will want avocados in your egg salad forever, after you try it once!

  3. Yum! That sounds terrific! I love avocados, and egg salad, so it sounds like the perfect combination. Now, I have to try your perfect hard boiling method too.

    1. Honestly, it is my go to lunch. So easy to make and so good!