Ben is the Bachelor!

Up until now semibalancedmama has been a lot of recipes, some crafts and all around good down home fun, this year I wanted to do some different kind of posts. So, I am starting the year off inviting you onto my couch (don't get too excited)! I am interrupting my current obsession, The Gilmore Girls, to start the new season of The Bachelor. I love this show. It premieres tonight at 8PM (est) and quite frankly it should be included in everyone's New Years Resolutions. I have always been a big fan, and the only season I didn't really watch was Juan Pablo's. Honestly, my faith in humanity was left intake because I chose to skip that season so no complaints there.
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Yes, it is a reality show and yes I am sure some people think it is completely ridiculous, including my husband. But seriously,  what is more romantic than falling in love with someone that 25 other people are also falling in love with? 

I loved Kaitlyn. I loved that she was funny, real, and acted on how she was feeling. I felt last season was the most sincere, by far. That being said, I never saw her and Ben together. It was like mixing J. Crew with raunchy saying shirts, they just don't go. I did, however, feel like Ben would make an amazing Bachelor. Fast forward to this year and be prepared to see some awkward and funny exchanges. 

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If you have never dived into the guilty pleasure that is, The Bachelor series, do yourself a favor and start with this season. I think it will be an interesting season, with a minimal amount of drama. Think of this season as an in between of Sean Lowe and Pilot Jake. That's my prediction, folks! 

 I don't have a watching group here in Arizona, but I do have a watch group via text with my sister and next day conversations with my Granny. So be ready for lots of laughs and small glimpses into my life via the Bachelor! I'm also very excited to link up with a few bloggers throughout this season, Aubrey Zaruba and The Life of Mrs. Otts! Make sure to check our blogs every Tuesday for a wide array of views and laughs regarding Ben the Bachelor.

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Grab your bottle of wine, put the kids to bed and enjoy Ben! Check back tomorrow for my first impression thoughts. 

Happy watching, 


  1. I've taken several seasons off, but I might be tempted back by what I've read about Ben!

    1. So far, I am loving Ben. I did not know he was as young as he is, but hey maybe he will surprise us! Let me know if you end up watching.