Blogging Ben the Bachelor - Week 4

Confession time.. We don't have DVR and my kid doesn't go to bed until around 7:45PM, so he is subjected to being in the same open area as the TV playing The Bachelor. This week he was helping his daddy pick up, walked out during Chris's announcement of the trip to Vegas and he asks, "Mommy, what are those girls doing?" Being crazy, son, being crazy! The good news is that my horrible winter cold is GONE (sort of), which means the bottle of chardonnay was chilled and poured! 

1-30 minutes
I love when the show travels. Who would want to be coped up in the Bachelor mansion for 6 weeks, not me (joke)! They arrive and are greeted with a welcome sign the size of Vegas, saying Ben is excited to see all the girls. Jojo gets the first date card and is excited (duh) to have her first date with him! Olivia reminds us that Ben is her husband and she is not worried about other girls dating him.

Chaos ensues when the helicopter lands and knocks over an entire cocktail party, see real life does happen on the Bachelor. But they take advantage of the "privacy" and make out behind the knocked over table, while the girls are all watching. This date is filled with making out, so Jojo is obviously the sexual attraction contestant. Lots more kissing happens during the evening portion of their date, she admits to having bad relationships filled with trust issues, and they Ben kisses her because he loves how she opened up. Surprise, no private concert but fireworks instead!! A man after my own heart. 

Caila is super pumped for her first group date, let's see how she feels at the end of the date. Stepford wife, Lauren H., doesn't want to wear nipple tassles. The girls are asked to showcase their talent, and not a single girl has a talent, well besides the twins who ricer dance and Jubilee who plays the cello (love you, Jubs)! Well obviously not, you can't sit in the carpool line with nipple tassles.  The ladies get to open Terri Fator's show, and are warned that a Vegas crowd is the toughest in the biz. I personally remember very few shows that I attended in Vegas, so not sure why they are tough crowds? When in Vegas, am I right?

31-60 minutes 
The twins are hidden cloggers. Jubilee rocks it on the cello. There is a juggler, a hula hooper, a belly dancer, a balloon maker and Lauren H. busts out her rhyming. Did they really think that Olivia had a talent? While reading a teleprompter is hard work, it does not a talent make. She jumps out of a cake and shakes her Olivia. Of all the things that have happened on this show, Olivia's own talent throws her into a panic attack. Ok, here is the thing. Olivia is not used to losing, you can tell. So when her talent was clearly the worst talent, she has self doubts about being marriage material. In her mind, it makes complete sense. 

Ben calls Caila a sex panther? Hmmmmm, better than cougar I guess. I am pretty sure this is the Olivia episode, she is has had more screen time than Ben. Leah popped up on the screen and I had to check my master list, no idea who she is. Olivia takes Ben away and explains herself, but leaves the conversation feeling different. Lots of weird things happen on this group date, but the main thing is that Lauren B. gets the rose for the date. Ben is not messing around this season, he is letting the girls know who his favorites are and wasting no roses in the process.

61-90 minutes
Becca received the infamous dress box, and we can only assume they are getting married. Becca reminds me of someone, I can't quite figure it out. If you know who I am talking about, let me know. This date is so Vegas and I love it. Ben gets ordained and proceeds to marry  many couples. Side note, I love Becca's bohemian dress, will be following Possessionista to see where I can snatch one up! 

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I have always wanted to go to the Neon Museum, so I am living vicariously through this date! Listen, Becca has been asked the virgin question many, many times. She knows how to answer it and Ben clearly wants to make her comfortable with that decision. This date is a bit of a gushy, awkward moment. I think Becca is great but I do think he has some deep rooted feelings for people already, and she is coming into this a bit late. She of course gets the date rose.

91-120 minutes 
Finally, he sets out to decide which sister he wants to keep. This should have been done the second episode. They are from Las Vegas so Ben takes them to their home, which they share, with their mother. Haley has like massive amounts of pictures of her ex-boyfriend around her room, which is not really bizarre because she clearly was not expecting to make it it to the hometowns. She also may have graduated from high school yesterday, because her room appears to be a young girl's room. Emily gets super comfortable and lays out on her bed with Ben, which also resembles my room when I was 14. This whole situation is bizarre, and he ends up choosing Emily. Haley is upset but she has hopes that when she graduates high school, the right guy will be there for her. Emily snuggles up to Ben on the limo ride home but is clearly upset, all sorts of bizarre on this date. 

No idea if this is Haley or Emily?
They move right into the rose ceremony cocktail hour. Olivia steals Ben and lets him know that her aggressiveness equals her love. Jubilee and Ben finally get some time, but it seems the flames have dwindled and honestly she needs to get some confidence, go for it girl! Chris comes to collect the ladies for the rose ceremony and Ben lets them know that he needs to take some time. 

In order of roses:
Lauren H.

No roses for Amber and Rachel!

Ben is amazing, he is genuine and he is such a charmer. He is totally wearing his heart on his sleeve and I feel like he is making it quite obvious who his favorites are. These first few episodes have been interesting to me, but honestly I don't usually watch the first few. They focus to much on the drama or the producer picks if you will, so I would much rather join in later in the season. 

I have had such a good time blogging these episodes and am so looking forward to getting to the good stuff!! Don't forget to catch up with Aubrey, Erin and Doris to see how they felt about last night's episode. And if you are loving blogging the bachelor, make sure to add in your website to the linkup below!!

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  1. I don't watch this show. It sound hilarious.

    1. It's a guilty pleasure, what can I say?! This day in age, any reality show that can last multiple seasons is something to watch lol!

  2. Guilty pleasure for me too! Love watching the show, and love reading your "after-posts"! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! They have been super fun to write! =)

  3. I've seen lots of recaps for this show and I always laugh. I don't watch, but it sounds amusing.

    1. I love reading all the recaps too! I swear you wouldn't need to watch the show, just read them ! It is a guilty pleasure, for sure!

  4. i loved this week! my faves got the one on one dates this week.