Blogging Ben the Bachelor - The FINAL rose!

The finale is finally here! I have mixed feelings about this season. Ben is swoon worthy, but honestly he has fallen in love a bit too much for live television. Is it possible to be in love with two people at once? It was also hard to stay away from the spoilers this year, simply because it was so damn predictable. My feelings for Chris Harrison, apparently, are not as strong as Shelby's, but he was looking dapper as ever last night during The Final Rose. 

They head back to Jamaica for some more sun and love. Do we really think Ben's mind is not made up? I am always so unconvinced at this point. How could you not know who you are more in love with? But, men are different. In the words of a guy friend we went out to dinner with recently, "You have 25 hot chicks wanting you and falling in love you, ya I love watching that show!" So, hey maybe men have fun with it up until the very end. 

Lauren shows up and meets Ben's parents. Ben's dad gets right down to it and ask Lauren the hard question. Lauren tells his mom that she sees the world differently because of Ben. Well, ya he has flown you all over to fall in love with him. I feel like that would help me see things differently too. She is confident in the fact that Ben is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with and is ready to be a part of the Higgin's family. 

Jojo is up and she is there to tell his parent's that they were do busy "cuddling" to see the Hoover Dam. Awkward, but hey real life, am I right? She reassures his family that she is crazy about Ben and there is no one else that she would rather be with. Ben's mom basically says that her pick is Jojo and that she is pretty confident in that. But hey the powers of editing are an amazing thing, so not reading too much into that. I love that Ben's dad calls Lauren a great gal, how cute is that? 

Lauren loves her some denim shorts, doesn't she? They had off on a catamaran for their last date as boyfriend and girlfriend, potentially! Ben says he has a lot of unrest, due to loving two woman. Ben is worried that with Lauren things have not been tested and that things are too perfect with her. All valid issues, but you have been on like two dates with her, so honestly whats the worst that could happen? Back at the hotel, Lauren basically lays it all out for Ben and his response is not confident. Just once I think I would have loved for Lauren to be all out in love and do something crazy. 

Lordy, Ben really greats Jojo a lot differently than he greeted Lauren. They have a romantic date at the waterfall and Ben tells her that he has having a hard time. Back at Jojo's place she asks him what is holding him back, and he says that he has no doubts. Jojo is sneaky, man. Taking him into the bathroom floor and asking him to give her a sign. She might have forgotten that they both have mics on, but hey that is the fun of the show. 

Neil Lane comes out and asks Ben to tell him about "her". And he makes it obvious he has no idea what he is doing or who he is picking. Queue the clips of all the good times, Ben has super cute things to say about both women. He then says he knows who he picking. So, Neil is the one who actually helps Ben pick the winner of his heart. Thank you, diamonds!

Jojo steps out of the helicopter, and Ben has already made it pretty clear, to the audience, that he is not picking her because he loves someone else. She says that Ben has promised to not blind side her, Survivor style, and she hopes he doesn't do it today. BAM! Blindside, my heart goes out to her. But hey I feel like in their contract they are signing a line that says they are OK with having their heart broken on live television.

I feel like I need to do a bracket next year, because from the first post I said that Lauren was the winner. So, yay for me (and Ben and Lauren, obviously)! As cheesy as her Grey's Anatomy analogy was, it was so cute to watch. I am not going to lie, I shed a tear or few. It was cute and how could you not be happy for Ben? He is such a good guy and has been a decent Bachelor to watch!!

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It has been fun blogging The Bachelor. And I think Jojo will be an exciting season, filled with craziness from her brothers and more wine chugging from her mom. I am thinking of convincing Shelby to blog with me throughout the The Bachelorette, since you all LOVED her post. Isn't she great? Thank you to each and everyone of you who took the time to comment, like and share my Bachelor recaps. See you next season!! 

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