why I miss diapers...

First of all I hate saying potty training! I am a firm believer that you can't really "train" a toddler. When they are ready, they are ready. I didn't do any method, we didn't have any accidents and we certainly were not cleaning up feces from any floors. One day, my nearly 3 year old just decided it was his time. Sure, he was a bit late to the game, but whatever, I was not going to rush him. He maybe wanted to be like his big cousin or maybe he just felt that Mickey Mouse undies were cooler than Luvs diapers. Life changed, and all of a sudden I was missing diapers! Crazy, I know and here's some reasons why.

1. Germs
I am not a crazy germ person, but public bathrooms are nasty. I immediately taught Luke the difference between public and home, and trust me he now understands that in public you touch NOTHING!

2. Poop Obsession
Every time we are out and about, I get asked if I am going pee or poop. And he wants the answer to be well articulated and loud enough for the entire bathroom to hear. 

3. Immediate Resolution
Quick grocery store trips? Nope, not anymore. I swear every time we go in he needs to go to the bathroom. Which means lugging my purse and a 3 year old into the germ oasis that is the grocery store bathroom. No more, wait till we get home and I will change you, days. 

4. Night Sessions
Luke is a good sleeper, he always has been. But now he promptly wakes up and lets us know its time to use the bathroom, by standing quietly by our bed. Someone mentioned trying the dream pee, well we tried and Luke was not happy to be woken up. He was downright mad (funny how that works, eh kid). So, for now we are waking up to a toddler staring at us in bed. 

5. No more wrestle matches
Towards the end, getting Luke to lay down for a diaper change was a struggle. I miss the giggles, the chases and the kicks. I know, weird right? 

My baby is now this huge 3 year old that goes to the bathroom on his own, picks out his own outfit and has full blown conversations with people. When did this happen? I miss the days of him needing me 100% of the time, something I never thought I would say. So enjoy it while it lasts. Because one day soon your little one will be walking into the germ infested public restroom and announcing, loudly, that they have poop. 

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  1. I love this post! We aren't quite there yet (my girl is 18 months old), but I know it's coming and I enjoyed reading what to expect. Your little guy sounds like such a funny character :)

  2. I love this. My 2 year old is just starting with potty training and I am dreading it but with another on on the way I need to get our potty issues in order.

  3. My daughter would agree with you 100% and she has three children. One still in diapers.

  4. Ugh! We are "potty training" right now and I. Hate. It. I'm with you. I waited until my daughter wanted to do it but now I feel like we spend half our time in the bathroom and I just put pull ups on her when we are in public. I'm not dragging her and a 10 month old in public restrooms in the middle of shopping. We will wait until she's a little better at recognizing the signs!

  5. hahaha awww, this is a sweet post : ) My daughter is 13 months, and as weird as it sounds, I can see "missing diapers" in our future because it means she's growing up! That's bittersweet to me. I love watching her grow and learn, but it's also sad because she'll never be a baby baby again. Ha thanks for the laugh this morning, great post.

  6. This is adorable and so sweet! I bet you would miss those days.

  7. So cute! No babies for us yet, but I'm sure I'll learn to love diapers soon!

  8. All of my children have been quote/unquote late to the game but they all decided and we had no problems. No accidents, no bed time wetting, etc. and it has been heaven that way. I don't really like labeling kids being ahead or late to something as it provides a negative connotation at times. Basically kids figure it out when they are ready emotionally, physically and psychologically.