mommy wants some "me" time

I LOVE being home with Luke. My family has made a lot of sacrifices so that we can live on one income. It's not easy, but that's the decision we made for our family. My husband drives a two door cavalier, we don't eat out too often, and we stick to our list every time we go to the grocery store. On the other side of things we live comfortably, in a beautiful home, and have everything we need. That being said there are days where I count down the minutes to the gym child watch opening or to when my husband walks in the door at the end of a workday. Does this make me a bad mom?

I don't think so! It makes me a sane mom. We can't expect to be the best version of us if we are expected to be at everyone else's beck and call 100% of the time. When I spend a few hours by myself, our days go smoother, I have more patience and I soak in the time that Luke and I have together. Luke is getting socialization, he is learning Spanish words, and playing with people OTHER than his mom, he loves the time he has there. Some days I even get a nice little steam and a shower without a little head peeking through the door!

We have decided not to do a pre-K until next year for him, for many reasons, but a main reason is because I am home with him. Paying for him to attend a program like that just isn't an option right now. There are so many tools and websites that show me activities to do with him, so I know he will be prepared. Some say, "what about the socialization?".  Of course, he is not getting as much as the kids who attend pre-school but I do my best with activities like library story time, park activities and play dates. He has his whole life to go to school, why not enjoy our time for a few more years. That being said, I understand people's reasons to send their kids. For us, it was the right decision not to. 

There is no right or wrong. I have no time to feel inadequate or guilty about something that I love doing, being a mom. When I tuck him in bed each night, I know he loved our day, even if it was one of the "hard" days. Your way is not wrong and my way is not always right, but guess what? We ARE making the best decisions for our families. 

Empower yourself and empower your right to decide. If you are a working mom (or dad for that matter) good for you!! Some days I envy your decision, but I never judge it. If you decided to be a SAHM, value your time and value your decision, it was a tough one! Just because you are a SAHM does not mean you need to be with your kid every moment of the day, think of the moments you were with them and be proud of those. Happily sign in him in to the child watch room, and know that you are amazing

Happy parenting, 

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  1. Yes to making time for yourself. I just posted about that on Saturday for a guest post I did for Simply Annie. It was mostly focused around working out, but the gym time, even though you're working hard, it's just for you and no one else. I totally understand even though I'm a working mom!

    1. Absolutely!! I LOVE the gym child watch, and I think it is completely healthy to get a few minutes to yourself (working mom or not)!! Thanks for reading, lady!

  2. Self care is so very necessary as a mother. We give so much of ourselves to our children and partners that we often have very little left for ourselves. Great job, mama <3

  3. I love this post so much! SAHM and Working Mom's need breaks from their kids from time to time and they deserve breaks from us as well. It does no one any good if everyone is grouchy with each other so I think it's very helpful to have mental breaks sometimes. :)

  4. It sounds like your a great mom and having numerous friends who are mothers I always preach is ok to have your "me time" don't feel guilty about it.Although he not in pre k learning a different language at that age is still impressive do your thing girl I believe you are doing right by your family.

  5. Me time is absolutely necessary and benefits the whole family. Good for you for valuing your time and energy and making you a priority. I find even a few minutes of time outside does me wonders :)

  6. Making time for yourself is so important!

  7. Agreed!! Sometimes I feel guilty I need a breather but it's so critical for our overall health as a parent.