Blogging Ben the Bachelor - Week 9

 My watch party consisted of myself and Luke, we had a wild time and ate all the Animal Crackers that our bellies could handle. His pick for the night is Caila, let's see if he is right...

The night is here, overnights on the Bachelor. As awkward as spending the night with someone on national television would be, imagine sleeping in your hotel room the next two nights, knowing that he is spending the night with two other women. Insert the weirdness. Ben heads to Jamaica and starts the show with speaking about each of the women and what he likes and dislikes about his relationship with each one. Shut the front door, Jojo was the unicorn girl? Why did I not remember this? 

Caila is first up on the overnight dates. Would you want to go first or last? I think I would rather go last, make sure he remembers the night! They are going on a rafting trip down the river, which has potential of going all sorts of wrong. The boat ride is crazy awkward, and Caila says she is feeling anxious due to the other women being there. I can't help but feel like this may be a game changer, his main concern with her is that she may not be able to deal with the bad stuff and this is proving that. 

Caila and Ben riding down the river

Caila saves the day by telling Ben that she loves him and that she has been waiting to tell him that. I love Caila's confidence in Ben and the fact that she has given him no grief this season. One day the Bachelor's will figure out that the girls who are the least high maintenance are the best ones to pick. Caila wakes up and totally has the, "I got out of bed a hour ago to get ready look," going on, but she seems happy and ready to get married. She is OK with Ben not saying, I love you back, because she can tell by his face that he loves her. 

Next up is Lauren and as the season favorite, we have to think that this will go well. They start the date by releasing baby turtles and speaking from experience this is such a fun idea. Good for Ben, his date planner producer is really going for it this season. Cute date, horrible shorts, but cute date! 

releasing turtles in Jamaica

What's Jamaica without a little Reggae music? Blah, blah more about how scared she is about telling Ben how she feels. This is bizarre to me, honestly, just tell him. She says pretty much everything else, but I love you. She has every excuse including that it's terrifying, it makes her vulnerable and a whole slew of other things. The key arrives and off they go to the fantasy suite. After much lead up, she tells him she loves him. And not so surprisingly, Ben tells her that he has known he has loved her for a long time. 

Next up is Jojo. He starts the date by saying that if he doesn't know he loves her by the end of the day, he will say goodbye to her. They head to a waterfall, where Jojo says that she loves him and Ben tells her that he loves her too. Her immediate reaction was, "are you allowed to say that?" Which hey I would be worried to, it makes sense. 

The date goes on and it seems like Jojo has had to explain her brother's behavior before, because she does really well explaining away their crazy. She doesn't address her mom's love for wine, but hey we have all been there before. They escape to the fantasy suite for no doubt a night filled with romance. 

Ben tells the world no less than 25 times that is in love with two woman, and he is not sure what to do. Caila is not one of them, which is funny because right at that moment she is headed to surprise Ben at his house. She is literally jumping around the house with joy, looking for Ben, this can not end well. 

 Ben turns out to be the good guy and he decides to let her go, right there on the beach. Caila decides she does not have a future in facial expression reading and leaves immediately. Tomorrow, when Luke wakes up I will tell him that he does not have a future in picking who the Bachelor chooses. It's a dramatic exit, with a Caila jumping out of the care, demanding answers. She also leaves crying and saying that she can't understand why she hasn't found love. Well, good thing she is young and she has her whole 20's to find a partner (I might have stalked her on Instagram last night and found out she graduated college 93 weeks ago)! 

An extremely awkward Rose Ceremony follows this dramatic exit. And while the scenery is breathtaking, the looks during the toast could call. Both girls are in love, move out of the way...

Fantasy Suites Rose Ceremony

Ok, truth, this season has been somewhat boring. I have heard it from a few people. I am not sure if it is Ben or the girls. I am leaning towards the girls, they are a fairly boring bunch. I had high hopes for this season, thanks to the wonderful ways of editing and showing just enough for us to watch the next week. 

I am so excited to tell you all that my friend, Shelby, will be guest blogging next week! She is hilarious, so make sure you read and laugh along after the Girls Tell All! 

Happy watching, 

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  1. I heart Ben! I have enjoyed this season more than any other I think. He is so sincere and thoughtful. I catch myself giving the Mr. dirty looks during episodes of his super sweetness! I am excited yet dreading to see the finale. I know what heartbreak feels like and can't imagine being told "I Love You" one week and then being told "Ooops, I Love Her More".