May Reading Recap

Reading has always been a huge part of my life. This year I am trying to read more fiction, and steer clear of the YA novels that have dominated my past two years of reading. I also read the entire Outlander series last year, and while it felt great to read the entire series, I was looking for some more content this year. One can only dream about time traveling and Jamie in a kilt for so long, am I right? 

You can always follow my Goodreads account here, but I also plan on doing a monthly recap of what I read. I am not a person who likes to read multiple books at once, but I am a very fast reader thanks to learning how to skim read in college. So, I will typically read 5-7 books a month.  

1. Killing Patton - Bill O'Reilly
I am not a huge Bill O'Reilly fan,  but I do love his books. For history reads, they are read quickly and are usually very interesting. This book has A LOT of war talk in it, so you should be somewhat interesed in the Second World War. But, it also has a lot of character development and surprising personal facts about some of WWII famous men and women. I still have some questions about his death, but hey I learned a lot through the read. 

2. All Fall Down: A Novel - Jennifer Weiner
As a mother you will love and hate this book. There will be tears and there will be times where you nod and shake your head in agreement or disagreement. Honestly, I don't think I would have liked this book if I was not a mother. I think it is written well, but I think you have to be a mother to understand how she could succumb to drug addiction in  upscale suburbia. The story outlines a mother who struggles with the day to day monotony of being a mom to a 6 year old, a full time blogger, and a wife who needs to do it all. I also loved this as a blogger. I am excited to read more of Weiner's books and I think this one should be one of the first if you have not read her before. 

I recently started watching this series, thanks to nothing else that peaked my Netflix interest. And while I am still convincing myself to like this show, I found the book extremely interesting. Not much in this book that I could personally relate to, but it was funny and well written. 

4. And When She Was Good - Laura Lipman 
I LOVE this book. It is labeled as crime fiction, and if you are not typically into that genre, please try this book! Who doesn't love a good book about a prostitute who became a successful madam and manages to be a loving and good mother? There are twists and turns throughout the story line, and there are sentences that every mother can relate to. All in all this is a page turner, I think I read it in less than 14 hours. 

5. Among the Ten Thousand Things - Julia Pierpont 
Skip this one. Honestly, it was not a good book. The sentences were well written, but there was no story line. It has been a long time since I have had to force myself to finish a book, and this was a book that I had to do exactly that. I still am not sure what this book was about. The beginning pulls you in and you think to yourself that this book will be about a family's coming of age after the father cheats, but really it is just a novel that bounces around. 

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