Bring on the Men - The Cocktail Hour, Part 2

And now the really fun part of the evening, the cocktail party. We all know there will be a drunk fool, maybe a kiss or two (who am I kidding, I think JoJo will be the second Kaitlyn) and a few surprises thrown in there. On one of the previews for the upcoming show, Jake Pavelka walked in the door, which immediately got my attention. Who remembers the on the wings of love pilot, Jake? Let's hope his train wreck self doesn't beg for a rose from JoJo, because honestly he just loves being a reality TV star. 

First up, JoJo welcomes everyone and let's them know she is there for love. 
Someone has to grab her and Alex is the first one to do that. Of course, the men start throwing the Neapolitan complex jabs at him, while Alex is outside doing pushups with JoJo sitting on top of him. It never ceases to amaze me how petty the men are compared to the women on the Bachelor.

Mr. Harry Potter loves chatting with JoJo. Aladdin, er Ali, thinks that JoJo is the most gorgeous women he has ever met. The running theme of the night is that everyone is nervous and no one is really opening up to her. They may be blinded by her dress, just saying, it is bright and sparkly.

Jordan is a front runner right off the bat (or should I say goalpost) and much to my husband’s dismay he did not drop that he was Aaron Rodger’s brother in his conversation. Listen, he is a lady’s man, but they look good together and can I just be the first to admit I want him to go to hometowns so we can see Aaron. Yes please.   

YES, I love the game cootie catcher. And I am so happy Will brought it out to play with JoJo and hey it even gave him the first kiss (ok, peck) of the night.

Jordan came back to claim what was his and get his kiss from JoJo. She seems to be on cloud nine and instantly recognizes his squat induced butt, saying she must up her squat level. Don’t worry I am sure he is into CrossFit so you can do that on your first date.

You think having a Mariachi band at a restaurant is awkward, try having All for One serenade you all night. Not sure if this is bonus points for Wells or just a good excuse to listen to good music.

There is always a Chad in every season of The Bachelorette. Are there really men like this in real life? And for some reason, women eat that shit up. So, I am sure he will make it far at least until the men tattle on him and let JoJo know he is a horrible human being.

I LOVE that the drunkard is a Canadian. Daniel, keep on drinking my friend. He has the brilliant idea of showing how he looks with no suit on. White Canadian Wasted is my new term of endearment for everyone I know. “Weird mojo for JoJo,” is another favorite saying of the night.

James, James, James. He is at the top of my list. Another Texan, Luke, brings JoJo boots to make her feel at home. Am I really about to have my two favorite guys be from Texas? Listen, I have known enough Texans to know that they stick together, so I am feeling rather confident right now.

The first impression rose goes to Jordan. Of course, her gut leans towards the one who pulled her into a luscious kiss. No surprise there. Cue the rose ceremony.

Remember this is a reality TV show so they need “placed” surprises and they need drama to keep everyone in suspense. Also remember that avid Bachelorette fans have come to expect these, so no one is really surprised when Jake walks in, we are all just hoping that he doesn’t want to be in the running. If looks could kill, Jake would be dead. After doing some research, it appears that him and JoJo are family friends and he is just wanting to wish her well on her journey.

Rose Ceremony:
James T.
James S.
James F.
Aladdin (er, Ali)
St. Nick
James S.
Jordan (first impression rose)

Going Home:
Nick S.

Let's get real, the brackets are confusing and who has time to write all of that down? Shelby and I are picking our top 3 picks for the season. After being right last season (called Lauren from the beginning), I do not have high hopes for this season. But, we shall see! 

Join us next week, where we will announce our picks for the season. 

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