It's my Blogiversary and I have a HUGE announcement....

Semibalancedmama is officially one year old! 

I started this blog, thinking it would reach a few friends and family members. I needed an outlet. I was a SAHM that had a voice and I wanted to share it. I love being a SAHM, which surprised me a little, but I also am a person who needs to feel connected to something. This blog has been my outlet and my passion and I am so excited to hopefully take it to new, fun and exciting milestones. 

About a month ago, I did a 100th post giveaway and a thank you note to all of my readers. 100 posts was a HUGE milestone for me. That is a lot of writing and a lot of work in a short amount of time. Doing a giveaway just seemed natural, I wanted to celebrate and I love giveaways. But, making it one year is also a huge milestone. I racked my brain with ideas on how to celebrate this milestone. And than it hit me, morning sickness, tiredness and overall mom brain and all..... a HUGE announcement.....

My shirt is from SweetEmersonsCloset, make sure to check them out! 
We are pregnant!!!

I am 13 weeks along, which puts my due date at December 7 of this year. Some of you have suspected, because why else would I not celebrate National Wine Day?! With Luke, I was almost 9 weeks pregnant by the time we found out, so the first trimester flew past, with no sickness and no signs of pregnancy. With this little one, I found out almost immediately, and it has been the exact opposite of my first pregnancy. But, we are so blessed to have a new bundle on the way and Luke is pretty excited too.

I am so excited to document this pregnancy through the blog. Of course, you will still get your #freezerlovefriday and other posts, but I plan on focusing a lot on "real talk" pregnancy throughout the nine months. 

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and for sharing semibalancedmama with me! I love each and every one of you!

Happy blogiversary to me, 

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