praise for the incline!

Running in the desert during the summer, is similar to running on a treadmill in the sauna. You feel wore out way before you hit your high, and your legs are just jello. It is rough! Ryan, Luke and I went for a 4.5 mile run Sunday morning, and while I felt a bit better this run than I have the past few, it is just so hard to have an enjoyable run in July. So, I am back to the treadmill grind this week, maybe we will try a bit earlier next weekend, or maybe not!

Luke fell asleep on our run, which he has not done in over a year. I blame it on early wake up, due to him discovering he can get out of his crib! I think we will be transitioning to the big boy bed soon, be on the look out for updates on that! 

 In other big news, Ryan and I have decided to run the Phoenix Rising Half Marathon in November (now that I have announced it to the masses, you are for sure doing it, Ryan)! Ryan has been running more and more, and we think it will be fun to train together and accomplish something that large, together! 

Inclines are my best friend on the treadmill. There are days where sprinting just isn't on the books for me, and those days I typically focus on the incline buttons! According to Self Magazine, incline work targets your thighs, calves and booty. Who doesn't need to work their booty?  Also, since I have started to do incline work, I have noticed a huge difference in my pace as well as less shin splints. Clearly, I am a big advocate of adding incline! 

This is my "go to" workout for days where I feel like spending a big chunk of my gym time on the treadmill, but I am not in the mood to just run. It burns a lot of calories and gives me a good solid distance. 

Here is my workout recap! 

I feel the same as every average American, treadmill running is not fun, but I hope my last few treadmill posts have helped you to change up the monotony! Tweak them how you need, maybe you start faster, maybe you start slower, whatever you do just START! 

Happy running, 


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