big boy future

The day has come! My baby is no longer in his crib, and I am not sure how to feel about it. This age is so much fun, every day is something new and exciting to him. He is almost speaking full sentences and his facial expressions have always been animated, but they have reached a whole new level, lately! 

I did a side table a few weeks back, and let you all know that I had a big project coming up. Well, I had found a toddler bed on a garage sale site, and was immediately drawn to the cheap price and the potential. When we bought the bed, the color was grey, while I love the new grey fad, it just didn't go with his room at all. I ended up going with Olympic - Star Spangled (in satin) for the color. I did not want a nautical blue but still wanted it to go with the decor I already had in his room, so opted for a bit of a deeper blue. I am very happy with how it turned out! 

Luke has been watching me prepare and paint the bed, and has been so anxious to see the finished product. We gave him his new quilt a week ago and let him sleep with it in his crib, to help the transition. Luke LOVES sleep, so needless to say I am a bit nervous to change anything up out of his routine. What if he didn't go to sleep on his own anymore? What if he wasn't excited for the change?  Of course there are days where it takes him a bit to fall asleep for nap, or nights where he is a bit wired, but for the most part he enjoys his sleep time.  

 I used the same method as I did for the side table, using the liquid deglosser. Though I regret using white primer, I feel like it made it mandatory for me to do 3-4 coats of the blue. 

After one coat of the blue. Have y'all seen those handy pour paint lids, invest in one, quickly! 

Also, with our monsoon season, it took FOREVER to dry. It is so important to let the coats dry completely before moving on to the next step. Patience is a virtue, right?!? I did change up the sealant a bit, using a paint on option instead, Valspar Clear Protector. Definitely more time consuming than the spray on, but I like the outcome! 

Here is the bed after the clear sealant coat was added, it took about 2 hours to dry to the touch. 

Sunday was the day, everything was dry and we were motivated to make the change! Luke helped Ryan take apart his crib and the changing table (I know, he hasn't fit on it for like a year, but it was so easy)! He also semi helped to assemble the bed, which made it so fun. Tool belt and all! 

Here is his new room, I really didn't change much except for the bed and added a few more updated pictures, as well as throw pillows. 

Lampshades were a great find from Target, a few years back. Here is a fabulous DIY, to make your own Chevron print lampshades. Seems super simple and fun!

 We found this giraffe picture at Kirklands, and knew it was the perfect addition for his new room! And it was on sale for $13.00, can't beat that!

Alphabet Mobile is Pottery Barn Kids and unfortunately no longer available. Here is a similar one, and from a small business, so double score!  

We also decided to do an incentive program for him staying in his bed. The kid loves stickers, so we went that route. I made a little sign and hung it on his door, and we told him if he stayed in his bed, than he would get one sticker in the morning and after nap. This morning he was so excited for his car sticker. As I type this, he is happily napping in his big boy bed, anxiously awaiting his car sticker. I hope it has not been a fluke that it has gone so smoothly, but am thankful anyway! 

He was so excited to go to bed Sunday night, it made us so happy and a bit sad too. Growing up is part of life, but I feel so unprepared to see baby lukey (as his friends and cousins call him) grow up. All we can do is hope that we are molding them into good, sincere human beings, and preparing them as best we can for the future. For now, I will still sneak in the cuddles when I can and wait for the next big milestone! 

Happy parenting,