buns of speed!

Happy Monday ya'll! I hope your coffee was strong and your "to do" list short! 

 Which one to choose? Who else loves a near empty gym? I find myself singing and dancing along to my music, and with no one else in the treadmill area, it means I can let loose!

am not sure how I have not shared this treadmill workout. I like to call this workout, "Buns of Speed"! It is a good calorie burner and in a perfect world it would be 3 miles, instead of just short, but when I am on the treadmill I am really going for time, not distance. 35 minutes is the perfect amount for me, because it gives me enough time to stretch and visit the weight room, but still feel like I got in a good cardio workout.

Buns of Speed!

Here is my recap! If you must hit that 3 mile mark, than add on 5 minutes which would add on roughly 1/2 a mile, or extend your warm up by a minute! Also, remember the idea is to get the incline so you choose the speeds that work for you. 

I think it may be time to share some of my favorite workout tunes with you. Here is a link to my go to running mix, it is quite the mix. 

You will notice a good amount of Britney on this list, she is amazing and will forever be my Work B*tch! 

What's your running jam?!

Happy running, 


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