october crafts

Going into Michael's is always a bit of a strain on the old credit card, but going into that store during the months of September - December, is pretty much a free for all! Luke and I recently braved the aisles, and came away with some really fun crafts and good deals. 

First up is this super cute mask (similar on Amazon, since Michael's is sold out online). Luke actually found these while he was running around, and at a price of $1, I knew this was a must have. We opted for Frankenstein, and with some guidance, I think he did pretty wonderfully! 

I don't typically have a fire place to decorate, but since I was with my parents at the time, I had so much fun adding in some Fall decor to theirs. This garland is super easy and was very affordable. I used twine, a hole punch and these leaves. 

I don't usually measure out the distance between the items on a garland, but I did this time and I loved how symmetrical it looked. I ended up doing 8 inches between, knotting the twine on both sides of the leaves. 

Lastly, we made this banner for some Halloween fun in the family room. It was really easy to make and was a great price, too! I think it fits perfectly for a goofy Halloween theme, and Luke had fun gluing together the eyes! Michael's may be sold out online, but here is a similar banner

Don't forget to check out the post we did on our our spidey pumpkins! Ours have held up very nice and will be a good addition to Trick Or Treat decor! 

Happy decorating, 

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