How in the world is it already October? I feel like my mom when I say, "time moves so fast when you are grown up." But, wow it really does!

October is a HUGE month for me. It is the month of my wedding anniversary (7 years for those wondering), the month of my birthday and most importantly the month that I subject my loved ones to EVERYTHING pumpkin! So, I thought "hey why not subject my readers to the same?" This month I will highlight all of my favorite pumpkin recipes, pumpkin traditions and new pumpkin ideas. 

Some of you may love this and some of you may not be so keen on the whole pumpkin thing. Pumpkin can be an acquired taste, but I promise if you try just one recipe, you will be pleasantly surprised (and no a pumpkin spice latte does not count as trying a recipe). Pumpkin is loaded with vitamin C and potassium and is even said to help with fertility! Nope, there is not hint in that last sentence.

Let the pumpkin madness commence! 

Happily addicted,

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