#freezerlovefriday reflections

When I started this blog 4 months ago, I knew very little about blogging. I was an avid blog reader, so I knew what I wanted to do and what I didn't want to do, but mainly I knew I just wanted an outlet to reach all of you! I am still so amazed with the response and the love I have been given throughout that time.

This past month has been challenging in many ways, and I feel like I have let my blog suffer slightly. I don't speak about it too often, mainly because of safety and partly because I do not want it to define me, but Ryan is currently deployed. Free time is very rare when he is gone, my day is filled with giving Luke the attention he needs when Daddy is gone and trying to maintain a house and maintain my sanity. There are good days and there are hard days, but there is never a day where I have loads of time to think of, write and develop a blogpost. Normalcy is so important to me when Ryan is gone, so I have to carve out time to do things for me, no matter how hard it is. 

I have some really helpful deployment posts coming up for all my readers living the military life, I am in no means an expert but having 3 deployments in 3 years makes me somewhat helpful. So, be on the lookout for those coming in the next few months. 

That being said I am so very excited with what I have in store for October (think Fall and pumpkin), and THANK YOU for being so patient with me this past month. I have really enjoyed bringing you some of my family's favorite breakfast #freezerlovefriday recipes and am excited to re-post one of the blog's most popular #freezerlovefriday, the breakfast burrito.

 Ryan is still my super hero, and while we miss him every day, we are SO proud of what he does for us and our country. We love you, Ryan and can't wait to have you home and cooking with us again! 

breakfast burritos for all - original post date 07/10/2015

Today's #freezerlovefriday is dedicated to my husband! Ryan is my super hero. No, really! He is such a great father, husband and supporter. He has been so sweet and patient with me while I have launched this blog, I love his input and his willingness to help. The man is BUSY! He works full time, goes to school full time, and wakes up super early to workout. His day starts around 4:30AM and ends around 8:00PM when he puts Luke down for bed, long day! 

Now he may be extremely dedicated, but actually planning ahead and thinking about eating breakfast is way too much for him. I am just thankful he remembers to make the coffee in the morning! I try to help out as much as I can by making a few days of oatmeal and hard boiled eggs for him, but I can only imagine how boring that becomes. 

My family LOVES burritos, which inspired me to make them into a #freezerlovefriday recipe! Financially, it makes more sense for me to make our own burritos and freeze them, rather than buy the packaged ones or drive through one of the many burrito shops here in the southwest.  Not to mention I know what is going into the burrito and I have control of the ingredients. There are so many different options to add into your burrito. Ryan requested potatoes, breakfast sausage, eggs and cheese. 

Here is the financial breakdown for our burritos. 

Eggs - $2.50
Burritos - $2.99
Sausage - $1.50 ( on sale )
Cheese - roughly $1.25 since we did not use the full bag! 
Potatoes - $.97
= $9.21

Per Burrito (14 total) - $.66

Amazing, right? We had so much fun making these as a family.

Luke is ready to roll some burritos! 

Luke and Ryan cracking the eggs!

Breakfast Burrito Recipe


3 potatoes - diced 
2 TB Cajun seasoning
12 eggs 
12 OZ breakfast sausage 
14 wheat tortillas 
Cheddar Cheese (however much you prefer) 
Salt and Pepper to taste 


Dice potatoes into small pieces. Add to saucepan with EVOO, cajun seasoning and salt. Cook through.

Cook breakfast sausage, while that is cooking crack and mix eggs completely. Add in eggs, salt and pepper to taste. 

Create an assembly line and roll up your burritos. Roll into foil, put a few into large zip lock baggies, let cool completely and freeze. 

Here are our burritos, rolled and ready for the freezer. We did 4 a bag, so he could take a whole bag into work for the week.

These turned out easy and yummy! We ended up having burritos for dinner that night, and froze the remainder! Here is a picture of the boys enjoying their handy work. Toppings like, sour cream and hot sauce, Ryan can take with him to work the day of. 

It is the perfect grab and go breakfast for my busy man! 

I have a few more recipes ready to go for #freezerlovefriday but what else would y'all like to see? Crockpot freezer meals? More breakfast meals? Just let me know. I love to hear from you! 

Happy freezing, 

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  1. Thanks for the kind words beautiful!! I do miss some of my wife's delicious homemade cooking!