the 1st of the month brings a new goal..

It's September 1st! How is that even possible? Fall is my favorite time of year, by far. I grew up in Ohio so that means changing leaves, apple picking in jackets, comfortable outdoor running, lots and lots of pumpkin and of course FOOTBALL! 

I have A LOT going on this month, so I wanted to set myself a fitness goal that I feel is slightly unattainable. I know sounds funny, right? But, my whole fitness journey has been about me surpassing goals that I NEVER thought were possible. I push myself because I love proving myself wrong. 

I am currently signed up for two races this month. Pink Strides (5k trail race) and Dances with Dirt, the relay trail race that started it all for me. I am so excited for that weekend, it is an amazing time and a chance to be with family while running! 

Dances with Dirt - Hell (2014)

Dances with Dirt - Hell (2014)

 I thought I would do a monthly total mileage goal. I have never done one of these, but have seen many people conquer their personal goal and thought this was the perfect month. Finding time to run this month will be challenging for me, and 85% of my runs will be with Luke in the stroller, but those are the best! 

Personally, I think 50 miles would be safe. So, naturally I am going for 75 miles in the month of September. Now, last winter this would have been an easier goal for me, but I have really been focusing on sculpting, group classes and lifting this summer and not doing too much running (averaging 8 miles a week). I have a bit of a head start since I will be doing 12-14 miles the weekend of Dances with Dirt, but that is at the end of month. 

I started my month with a bang. I have wanted to try PortaPT running workouts for awhile now. I saw one of my running friends, Emily, post about purchasing one and knew that now was the time.  I opted for the Crazy Sprints workout, I have been wanting to improve my time, so I thought this was perfect. 

Whew, it was a doozie! I am proud that I made it through, and really only did about 3 minutes of walking recovery throughout, while maintaining my jogging recovery. I totaled 3.5 miles, not too shabby since I haven't ran since my Texas visit. 

Make sure to check out some of her treadmill workouts, use code  sbmrunchall for 25% off!! She coaches you and gives you some great motivational support throughout the entire run. I loved them and can't wait to purchase more!

I am amazed I was able to smile after that workout!

Who wants to join me? 
Do less miles than me, do more miles than me, try a walking goal, whatever you want let's just do it together! I am doing this to hold myself accountable, so will be happy to check in and do random posts to make sure we are all hitting our goals. 

If you are wanting to join, comment below and I will make sure to check in and include you on posts regarding the goal! Let's make it super easy to track and use hashtag #SBMrunchallengeOr if you want a more personal approach, shoot me an email and we can hold you accountable that way!
Get moving!! 

Happy running, 

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