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shut down the mom shamers

All the recent posts, blog and major media outlets alike, about mom shamers and hateful comments on social media have got me thinking about something. Maybe if we stopped writing open letters to the hateful people, stopped trying to figure them out, and stopped giving them their five minutes of fame after they make horrible remarks, maybe just maybe people would stop doing it. 

Have you ever met that person at a party that would say and do anything in order to get in an argument or a discussion about a topic that nobody wants to talk about? Those are the exact same people that are doing this on social media, they have resorted to their couch because nobody wants to hang out with them and nobody wants to argue with them in person anymore. Now they are simply trolls that are looking for a good time on the Internet. Too harsh? OK, maybe it's a mom that's had a really bad day and that has a really strong feeling on something. Maybe she regretted it after typing it. Or maybe she didn't. But who cares! It also happens to be easier to say hateful things through a keyboard than a mouth. 

Ignore them. Stop giving them what they want. Stop writing a comment back to them. And dammit, stop writing blog posts about it. There will always be hateful people in this world no matter what we do or what we say. The better thing to do is step on your high horse and let the people who are being shamed know that we have their back, and no matter what we know that they are good people. Write a comment that lifts them up and ignore the haters. Write a blog posts that praises their decisions. Send them an email letting them know that you are on their side.

Kiss your kids on the lips, don't feed them organic food, use regular suntan lotion, embrace your kid's awkward toddler tummy and if you are feeling really daring, post about it all over social media! Because guess what? They are your kids and it is your life and at the end of the day we know you are an awesome parent. 
Remember, support each other and practice what your momma taught you, "If you don't have anything nice to say than say nothing at all!"
 I am leaving you with one of my favorite "empowerment" lyrics.  

Mom shaming


  1. Haha! THIS! I definitely have spent a handful of times replying to people who didn't deserve my time or response. Thanks for this !

  2. This is amazing! Those trolls really aren't worth the time or energy of a response. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this message!!! I tend to ignore comments because I don't like confrontation so I'm not one to say much back.. I think ignoring these trolls as a whole would be doing something really powerful. :-)