Our Confetti Filled Gender Reveal!

Gender reveal parties. Remember, the good ol' days when you more than likely didn't know the sex of the baby until the moment of birth or what about the days when the sonogram tech simply said, "Congrats, you are having a BOY!" Those days are the thing of the past and now you must have another party celebrating that little life inside of you, a gender reveal party. 

Gender Reveal

In all seriousness, I think they are super cute which is why 4 years ago I introduced our local bakery to the idea of a gender reveal cake. And even though it was just Ryan and me with our wedding cake knife and a super cute cake, we still threw a miniature party to find out that our little Luke was indeed a boy. 

Fast forward to this baby and I knew I wanted to do something to get Luke excited. My friend Briana, told me about the balloon filled with pink or blue confetti and I knew that was the one for us. Though I love cake, Luke loves balloons and I knew I would not be patient enough to wait for a cake to be made, I wanted to know immediately. If I am being honest, the main reason I wanted to know so quick was so I could go through all of Luke's clothes before our local Just Between Friends sale happened! But, I also am a massive planner, so knowing the sex is important to me. 

Our appointment was early in the morning, so we had the tech write down the sex on a card and place it in an envelope. Somehow Ryan trusted me to take the envelope to Party City and have balloons made, I promise I did not look! The excitement was all too much for Luke, as you can see the early morning mixed with the balloon retrieval were enough to send him into a deep car nap! 

We decided to do a make your own pizza night with our very best friends, Jay and Lisa, and Ryan went ahead and picked me up red velvet cupcakes to celebrate the news (he knows me so well)! We made our bets known publicly, set up the FaceTime, set the camera to record and went about popping!

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

We are happy to report that Baby Nye #2 is a GIRL
To see the edited video, make sure to head over to my Instagram account!

I was completely surprised and Ryan guessed correctly. That makes him 2 for 2 and me 0 for 2, whatever happened to a female's intuition?! It is so funny because with Luke, I was hoping for a girl. I was raised in a family with 3 girls, what do I know about having a baby boy? But, here I am 3 years later and I LOVE being a boy mom. Now, I am so excited to welcome a baby girl into our family. I can't wait to see Ryan with a little girl, I can't wait to be a mom to a little girl and I can't wait to see Luke with his little sister. 

A few things about doing a balloon reveal; 
  • In the video you can't see what the confetti is, so I would recommend using A LOT of confetti or using those paper crinkly confetti type things so that you can see what color it is. 
  • Confetti weighs the balloon down, so your balloons that are filled will only last 4-5 hours, even if you get the extended life added to them. 
  • Luke is a bit sensitive to loud noises, but we made sure to talk to him about the process for a few days before the big event. This prepared him for the noise and for the confetti flying everywhere. It also helped for him to try to understand that pink meant girl and blue meant boy. 
  • Always have a few media types recording! We had some recording errors, but luckily had two backups! 

Now if you will excuse me, we have lots of clothes sorting and selling to do! 

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