why the gym is my happy place (plus a really fun treadmill workout)

Vacation is officially over! Look for a vaca recap in the next few days, but until then Luke and I are back to our daily grind. Considering Luke is still on east coast time, and is waking up around 5:30AM, this morning was exactly what I needed. Today's workout was perfect, I got in some best friend time (thanks for the breathless chat, Briana), along with a great workout!!

My cowboy and I walking into the gym! This is his gym attire, he insists on wearing his boots and hat everyday!

The gym is my happy place, there are very few days that I have to force myself to go to the gym. It took a few months for me to feel this way, but it has become a habit for me. Saying this, I will admit that I am semi addicted to the gym because I am also addicted to "me" time. 

Gasp!! I know, a mom that is admitting to loving time to herself. I'm human enough to admit that not all days are easy around the Nye household, some days are downright hard. The gym is a place for me to not worry about what is for dinner, not think about how long it has been since Luke went #2, and most importantly not worry about cleaning the kitchen for the 19th time that day. Luke is safe and happy playing in the child watch with his best buddies and I am happily sweating out the stress and thinking about ME! 

Here is another one of my favorite treadmill workouts. It is a pyramid workout, your up tempo speeds start at a certain point, you work your way up and than come back down to the original speed. 

Start where you are comfortable, even if that means doing a walking speed. If you opt for walking always add in some incline, it is amazing how much more effective it will be. This is a short 25 minute program, but you will be sweating quickly and feeling amazing by the end. 

Here is my workout summary! Woo hoo to 256 calories burned, that is like 1/4 a cup of chardonnay, right?

Happy running, 


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