watermelon woes

It's summer time, which means Bud Light Limes and watermelon are in full abundance. Well, at least at our house! I have always dreaded cutting watermelon, seriously dreaded. But, Luke loves them (ok, me too) so I put on a happy face and do it. 

 On vacation my sister, Erin, offered to cut the biggest watermelon you have ever seen. This thing was HUGE, I thought she was pure crazy. She informed me that she learned a super easy way to cut watermelon on Pinterest. My dad had a really hard time handing the "watermelon cutting" duty over to her, but she insisted her way was the best.  I watched her in pure amazement as she cut this gigantic watermelon in like 4 minutes. 

Now that the watermelons are placed in a bin right when you walk in the door, we have to get one every grocery shopping trip due to a very cute 2 year old screaming "WATERMELON!" Thank you, marketing! Luke and I picked one up today and  I literally cut the entire thing in less than 2 minutes. 

Be prepared to be mind blown! 

How do you cut your watermelon? I wonder if this method works for other fruits? I will keep you posted!

Happy eating, 

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