Okinawa: Kid Friendly Living

If there is one thing that we loving about living in Okinawa, it is 100% how kid friendly this place is! Everything is geared towards children, and it is amazing. The parks here have roller slides, are pirate themed and are on pretty much on every block. Think that they would be less crowded because of how many there are? Absolutely not! They are always jam packed. Of course, it is more of a city feel, but it is nothing like NYC or Chicago, think of a small city where most live in mansions (what they call apartment buildings) or condos. 

Kid - Friendly Japan

We live right near a park called Comprehensive Park. You can feed Koi fish, rent paddle boats, eat lunch or you could play on the massive playground that has sections for every age group. During the summer they also have a large swimming pool that is more of a water park, we can't wait to explore that. 

Kid Friendly Japan

The restaurants have pretty much all had a fun themed kids meal, that has a good variety along with fun options. Here are a few that Luke has enjoyed since coming to the island. Not only are the kid meals super cute, but we have also been to a restaurant where they have a large play place for the kids to play while you eat. It is not tucked backed into a corner, it is front and center and the tables next to it also have an amazing ocean view.

Kid Friendly Japan

Kid Friendly Japan

When shopping at the local mall, expect to find kid play places at mostly every store. No, not outside the store, but INSIDE the store. Below is the local Old Navy where they have coloring stations and a big spaceship that moves and makes noises.
It is not just the bigger stores that have this, it is also smaller stores like the Sanuk store that have a coloring station for kids. And did I mention they have an aquarium IN the mall? 

So far, I am fairly comfortable saying that we have A LOT to learn from the Japanese. Kids should be embraced in your life, you shouldn't have to pick and choose where you eat because you have a rambunctious toddler or feel like a solo trip to Target is a date. We should be embracing their crazy little moods and sending them over to the play place, while we enjoy our lattes! This is just one of the reasons we are loving our life in Okinawa, there are so many that I can't wait to share with you.

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