Bump Update •37 Weeks•

When this pregnancy began, I had SO many aspirations. Gain less weight than my first pregnancy, walk/run 10 miles a week, continue working out, blog my way through the 40 weeks and spend lots and lots of quality time with Luke. Then, we received orders to Japan and everything took a back seat to selling our house and moving our little family across the big ocean.

I could focus on the fact that none of my above goals came to fruition or I could focus on the fact that we sold our house, we are finally settled in Japan and are patiently awaiting our baby girl. I may have gained about the same amount of weight, but I am feeling 100 times more comfortable and healthier than I did during my last weeks of my first pregnancy. Since becoming a mom, I have tried to focus on the positive of life and not be such a pessimist, and while I have had my moments of doubt and worry, I do feel that my outlook on life has helped a bit with this crazy transition! 

So without further adieu, I give you my THIRD bump date of this pregnancy! 

 I chose this picture for a few reasons. It is not your typical pose and smile #bumpupdate picture, where my trusty husband spent 20 minutes finding the perfect angle and the perfect light to make me look the best. It is a picture that he snapped of Luke and I after we had an amazing brunch and went for a walk along the seawall. It is windy, my ankles are literally the size of watermelons, I'm uncomfortable and hot (I'm always hot here), but we are happy. I want to look back at this pregnancy and be amazed by all the things we accomplished and all the days that we spent as a family. Thank you to Ryan for constantly making me feel loved and beautiful, your patience and optimism will never cease to amaze me. 

37 Weeks!

How big is baby? Swiss Chard? At my most recent appointment the doc felt that she was already the size of Luke when he was born (6 lbs 11 oz), so I'm in for a surprise with this one.

Total weight gain: 43 pounds. Yes, this number is scary to some and there have been days where this number is REALLY scary to me, but I feel good and am still very active. I am focusing on that, and reminding myself that not all of us can be the cute pregnant lady! Some of us are blessed with huge ankles, pounds of water retention and gaining over 3 cup sizes in our milk machines.

Maternity clothes? Ummmm yes, I wish they sold maternity shoes for my swollen feet too!

Sleep: Surprisingly not too bad. I have had my few nights of dealing with early rising and insomnia but for the most part, I sleep well. I am only up a few times for bathroom breaks and am lucky enough to do those half asleep!

Best moment this week: I am going back to last week and I will say that hands down, our stuff arriving at our new home. This has helped Luke transition to accepting our new home and has helped us to finally "nest" for baby girl. 

Miss Anything? Wine, always wine. But, since I am in the mecca of sushi and am not able to eat it, I think I miss that a bit more. 

Movement: This girl is active. She has been head down since week 30, and let's just say it is not super comfortable on the old ribs. There are times where I literally have to pause and take a moment to catch my breath because she is kicking so hard. So, so different than my first pregnancy.

Food cravings: Hmmm, everything? Lately peanut butter and apples are a big craving along with Hi Chews (have you had them? They are amazing)! 

Gender: GIRL!

Symptoms: Heartburn and indigestion is still ever present. But, thank the Lord for my daily meds for that. They have helped a lot and I am sure it is one reason why I am not totally wanting this pregnancy to end. Just your common end of the third trimester pains, really. I am walking every night around the park by our us, and let's just say I don't think they are used to seeing a HUGE pregnant lady exercising around there. I get lots of looks of sympathy and bows while I am out there. 

Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time: Is stressed moody? I blame it on the recent move more than the pregnancy but yes I have less patience than is typical.

Looking forward to: Attempting this delivery med free! Wish me luck, ya'll!

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who have hung around during this wild transition. I promise, I will be back to regular blogging in no time. I am also redirecting some of my posts to focus around the fact that we are a military family abroad.

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