I was nominated for a Liebster Award!

I have been blogging for just over 9 months and am a few posts away from my 100th post. It is hard to believe that this is something that I dreamed about for so long and have continued to enjoy. Throughout my time blogging, I have researched and read so many blogs. I can honestly say one of my favorite things about blogging is meeting other bloggers, and developing a relationship with them. I had read a few posts about the Liebster Award, and naturally did some research to see what it was and how bloggers were nominated. It turns out that it is a peer award, and is given to bloggers by bloggers. Of course, there is added bonus because it is way to discover new blogs, as well as link back to your own. What a concept! 

Needless to say, I was thrilled when an acquaintance from high school reached out to me and nominated me for the Liebster Award!! Thank you to Stefanie and her husband, from The Stave Diaries, for nominating me and reading my blog! Read their blog, it will make your wanderlust go CRAZY! 

There are a few, easy guidelines to follow when you are nominated for a Liebster;
1. Write a blogpost about your nomination, displaying an image of the award.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
3. Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her blogpost.
4. Nominate 5-11 other new bloggers who you think deserve this award, and come up with 11 questions of your own for them to answer.
5. List these rules in your blogpost.

My answer's to The Stave's questions:

If you could live in any place you’ve traveled to, where would you choose and why?
Switzerland! My husband and I visited when were dating and it is such a cute place with loads of outdoor activities. We were able to go canyoning down a mountain, and it was hands down one of our best memories. I think we would live in a little cottage and just soak in the environment. 

Where is one place that really surprised you when you visited and why?
South Korea was really surprising to me. I wish I would have done more research on the places we visited and the history of the country. I went in to the trip just wanting to see my husband, after being away from each other for over 6 months. Looking back there were so many amazing things we could have done. It was not what I was expecting, and I think that could have been fixed had I been more prepared. 

What is your favorite story or memory from your travels?
I think I would have to go with the memory of Ryan asking me to marry him in Mallorca, Spain. It was such a fun week, in an amazing country, and it was topped off with a proposal in the freezing cold waters of the Balearic Sea. I, of course, said Yes and the rest is history!

What is the one thing you’re most excited about for the remainder of 2016?
Growing our family (maybe a dog, maybe a baby or maybe even a new wine cooler. Take your pick)! 

What is your favorite food, one food you hate, and one that you refuse to try?
I LOVE cupcakes, I don't discriminate, I will eat them all. I do not like beets. And I refuse to try liver, of any kind. 

What does the word “success” mean to you?
Success to me is a lot of things. I think a successful person is someone who makes the most of every day and does not live in regret. It is hard to do every day, but to me that is success. Go to bed knowing that you were as successful as you could be, that day. 

What was the best meal you’ve ever had in your life?
One time Ryan, Luke and I missed our flight back to AZ. We were able to get on another flight, later in the day, so we went back to my parent's house to wait it out. My mom made a huge lasagna and we were able to spend a few more hours with them while gobbling up my mom's famous lasagna. This has been favorite meal to date!

What’s the number one item on your bucket list?
I would love to complete an Ultra Marathon in the next 5 years! And I would love it to be Dances with Dirt - Hell , since that is the race that made me fall in love with trail running.

What is your favorite travel resource or website?
Lately, AirBNB.com ! But, I also have to go with Southwest.com because that is our favorite stateside airline!

If you could have all of your followers read just one of your blog posts, which would it be and why?
My 30th birthday post was a big one for me, Starting a new decade! I have changed so much in the past 10 years and it has taken time, some really good friends and a new outlook on life. I felt like this post really dug into that and voiced how I have changed. 

What made you decide to start a blog and what has been your biggest challenge?
Being a stay at home mom was the best decision I made. But, I needed an outlet and I needed a hobby. I had been wanting to blog for some time, and knew I was ready to make the leap with some encouragement from my family and friends. My biggest challenge has been finding time (these posts take a long time, people), as well as finding my "niche"! 

Here are the bloggers that I am nominating for the Liebster Award! Congratulations, Ladies! 

Morgan from Lilies + Lambs

Kim from Always a New Day 

Brittany from The SR CO. Blog

Kimmy from Red Brick Blondie 

Jessica from Keeping up with the Joneses

Here are my questions for my nominated bloggers to to answer:

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2. What is a blog achievement that you have?
3. What has surprised you the most about blogging?
4. Right at this moment what is the song that would best describe your mood and this moment in your life?
5. What is your favorite number and why?
6. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them?
7. What is your favorite post that you have written? 
8. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
9. Who is your biggest inspiration?
10. What is the most random fact about you?
11. Is your life how you pictured it would be when you were younger? Explain!

I can't wait to see what you all post, remember to tag me so I can be notified and congratulations!!!! 
Remember, even if your blog reaches just one person, you have made a difference!

Happy blogging, 

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