Beachy Ginger Mango Smoothie

I have told you many times before that Chardonnay is my spirit animal. I sort of lied because ginger is a close second when it comes to my spirit animal. I believe that Ginger cures all and I LOVE the taste of it. Did you know that mango pairs exceptionally well with ginger? 

This smoothie would be a magical concoction for all you ladies out their struggling with morning sickness or if you are like me you find that ginger helps with muscle soreness and fatigue (source). Mango makes me want to find a beach and plant my bum on a towel for the day, so this smoothie is all around perfect!  Not big on ginger? That's OK, try it once and if you think it has too much of a ginger kick, lessen the amount of ginger you add. 

easy smoothies

Beachy Ginger Mango Smoothie


2 cups frozen or fresh mango
1 cup coconut water
½ cup water
½ t fresh ginger 
Handful of ice
splash of POM juice


Blend all ingredients, minus the POM juice. Pour smoothie into two cups and top with a splash of POM juice! 


easy smoothies

Happy freezing, 

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  1. Big smoothie fan here (and Chardonnay fan too😉) and this looks great! It's a combo I haven't tried yet. And anything that can help with fatigue is right up this tired mama's alley!

  2. I bet this is so refreshing. I love that you used coconut water.

  3. This smoothie looks so beautiful! Ginger and mango is a great combination!

  4. I am a lover of all things ginger, too! While I use is frequently in smoothies, I haven't ever tried this delicious (and beautiful!) combination. I have all the ingredients on hand and can't wait to give it a try this afternoon. Though I won't be on a beach, watching my kids splash in an inflatable pool will just have to do. Happy weekend to you!