Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

By now most of you know that I have slight obsession with pumpkin. Well, decking the halls happens to be my second obsession! I am not crazy enough to do any decorating before carving the turkey, but after the food comatose goes away, you can find me unpacking my 10+ Christmas totes and decking the halls. Before I got married I had started to collect Christmas decorations. Honestly when we got our first house together, I mentally did an inventory of all the wonderful places I could add Christmas cheer. I love it! 

Growing up we would always go to a "cut it yourself" tree farm and those are some of my favorite memories from childhood. As you can imagine, there are no such places in the deserts of Arizona, so we have found the next best thing; Brian and Kelly's Christmas Trees. Yes, you pay slightly more than the big box stores but you are supporting a local business and the trees are hand picked from Oregon! The tractors are also an added bonus for Luke, he LOVES farm equipment!

We are hosting family Christmas this year, which means my immediate family will be making the journey to our house. I LOVE hosting Christmas, so I had to get a large and in charge tree this year. We opted for a 9' Noble, they are perfect to place heavy ornaments and they are oh so fragrant! 

Everyone has their own way of decorating their tree, but I thought I would share my small Christmas tree ribbon hack.  Our tree topper is from a cute small store in Florida and was purchased 8 years ago so here is a similar one. Michael's always has amazing sales on their Christmas ribbon. Every year I pick a new color at a super low price. This year I went with a burlap and red glitter ribbon. 


Cut 4-5 equal length cuts of ribbon. Put the tops together and place two facing forward and two facing the opposite side, attach with pin. 

Sew a few stitches into the top of the ribbon. I used red ribbon to hide within the red glitter. 

Place the ribbon on top of the tree, positioning them around the top. 

Add on your tree topper and you have the perfect top to the tree! 

We do not do a theme tree, but rather a collect all tree! When we got married, our parents gave us a few ornaments from our childhood, which we cherish. We also make a point to get an ornament from each place we visit. We have some from Panama, Germany, the Mackinac Bridge and so many more. It is a fun tradition that I am so happy we started. 

Merry Christmas, 

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