ryan is HOME!

I am SO SO happy to report that Ryan is back home safe and sound! It was a long 120+ days without him, but we survived and we are so happy to have him home with us. Luke was beyond ready for his Dad to be home and I was beyond ready to have my partner home. We are so proud of him and the sacrifices he makes for his country. We love you, Ryan, and are so very proud of you!

Deployments suck in every way that you are thinking they would. But, seeing the pure joy and happiness in both my boy's faces when they were reunited was ALMOST worth all of the hard days we had throughout the deployment. 

I always order a shirt for Luke to wear when Ryan gets home and this year I used the Etsy shop, CharleyJo's Creations. She was a DREAM to work with. During deployments we are at no less than 6 addresses, trying to guess where we would be in time to get the package was rough work (a special thanks to my own personal postmaster, Lisa, we love you)! She was patient and understanding with me, which I was so very thankful for. She even used ABU (Ryan's uniform) fabric on the shirt, how genius is that? Her shop has so many cute things listed, I am sure you can find something perfect for your special occasion

I am going to be taking a few weeks away from semibalancedmama, to enjoy some much needed family time. I will be back just in time to start decking those halls, and icing those cookies! So, get your party hats on and get fired up for some Christmas fun!

I am also super excited about some things I have been working on for the new year. Stay tuned, I am just getting started ya'll! 


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