road trip shenanigans

When you live far from family you only have one option if you want to see them, travel! We have family within driving distance, but the majority of our family is across the country. My dog, Monty, has been on a plane more than the average American.  Needless to say our family are proud supporters of Southwest Airlines! 

While I much prefer a quick flight, sometimes the ease of driving is attractive. Luke and I recently took a road trip, and being the mega planner I am, I put together a bin of activities to keep him busy. With the end of summer quickly approaching, I thought it would be the perfect post for some last minute summer travels. In the past, I have (or whoever I am traveling with) has had the luxury of sitting in the backseat with him to entertain. For obvious reasons, this was not going to be an option. 

I thought this bin would be perfect for him to stash his goodies in throughout the trip. He loved having it next to him and digging around for treasures. 

Luke loves coloring!! So, I always have a few new coloring books as well as some recycled ones. These crayons are from the movie, "Cars" , and were $1 at the dollar store! Even though he has never seen the movie, he loves the themed crayons! 

Anything to keep their little minds moving is perfect. I made this green bag, using hot glue, felt and a magnetic stick on. Super easy! Inside I placed miniature LEGOS that kept him busy for hours! I received this free pencil case from a family briefing for Ryan's work and believe it or not, Luke loves just zipping it back and forth. 


These are genius and keep him busy for a long time! He hasn't quite gotten the grasp of looping them, but it is so cute to see him concentrating on getting the strong through the hole. It also helps that they have airplanes, cars and boats on the boards. 

This was a splurge for me, most of the other toys I discovered at the dollar store or the dollar bin at Target. I got it from Costco, he loves his Etch-A-Sketch, so I thought he would love this airplane themed one. I would absolutely say it was his favorite thing to find and play with. 

The day before a road trip, we will usually go on a library outing. I let Luke pick out some books to take and I pick out some audio books to listen to. Obviously, by Luke's choices, you can see he is very into trucks right now! The audio books work great for me, but they also help to put Luke to sleep throughout the trip, it is a win win! 

Of course we have to have some jams to listen to. I am not a fan of kids music, which may be why Luke knows most of T.Swift's album, but this CD was gifted to me by my dear friend, Kim. We have always loved it and he has enjoyed the songs since he was a tiny babe. I highly endorse this CD! 

I hope that you find some of this helpful! So many parents stress out about taking their kids on road trips or airplanes, but kids love adventure! All it takes is a little bit of planning and thinking ahead, and you will have be off making some great memories!!

Even the best laid plans sometimes end up in a funny story. Here is what Luke ended up using some of the paint markers for.....

Have you tried anything that you MUST share? I would love new ideas to add to my bin! 
Look for a food road trip post in the future! 

Happy traveling,



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    1. Thank you, Melissa! It is fun to come up with ideas to keep him entertained!!

    2. I'll be keeping them in mind as my granddaughter gets older. ;)

  2. I love road trips so much more than flying!! We always listen to audiobooks in the car when we've got kids with us. If it's just me I listen to my favorite podcasts. Makes the trip go by really fast!